Sky Head Office: 0870 280 6419

Call the Sky Head Office contact number to speak to a member of the Sky corporate team about non customer related queries. The Sky Head Office phone number is operational during normal business hours of 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday.

Sky Head Office
0870 280 6419

With approximately 4.5 million customers and yearly revenues totaling roughly 1.8 billion Euros, Sky is one of the global leaders in the pay television market. The programs offered by Sky consist of live sports, movies, television series, programming for children, documentaries, and more. Sky Deutschland is a component of Sky Plc, Europe’s top entertainment group. In total, 21.7 million customers across five countries are able to watch exclusive Sky programming at this time.


The premium programs that are offered by Sky are an excellent match for the whole family. In combination with live sporting events and featured motion pictures, the company delivers a wide variety of programming such as entertainment features and award-winning television series and documentaries, along with a large number of children’s programs. Prospect customers are free to call the Sky contact number to enquire about the current programming lineup.

Sky customers are able to choose from an exclusive offering of programs and are able to choose where, when and how they would like to enjoy them. The Sky brand name is centered on top rated entertainment and exceptional quality as the primary features that set the company apart from its direct competition.

At this time, Sky offers:

  • More live football matches than any other programming provider.
  • Live sporting event offerings in Germany and Austria.
  • A wide range of movies in German and Austrian television markets, devoid of commercial breaks and including the authentic soundtrack.
  • A wide range of German and United States television series, many of which are German television premieres.
  • An extensive selection of programmes which includes more than 90 high-definition channels.
  • Television channels for all age groups.

Dedicated To Excellent Customer Service

Certainly one of the top goals at Sky is to provide exceptional customer service and support to customers. The company is consistently strengthening its service skills by adding procedures such as speedier activation of service subscriptions, quicker dispatch and more dependable hardware, and by improving upon the accessibility of the support staff. For this goal, the Sky customer service centers are being broadened and the support staff is going through continual training.

Media Policy

All business principles, ideas for potential business models and technologically workable solutions must abide by current legislation and other regulations. To assure growth prospects for Sky, it is for that reason necessary that the particular characteristics of pay television are taken under consideration when interpreting the general regulatory setting. Because of this, Sky performs an active role in forming public opinion and communicates Sky´s particular concerns early on in the legal process. By sustaining discussions with supervisory regulators and legislative systems, along with associates of other television channels, Sky executives who are in charge of media policies clarify the variances between Sky and traditional television providers.

Sky Media

Sky Media is considered to be one of the top multi-screen and digital promotion companies within Germany. The Sky Deutschland subsidiary is in charge of the advertising sales of over twenty exclusive television channels, which includes all programming of Sky and its partner channels. This also includes the Sky Go mobile offering, the Sky On Demand offering, and the Sky online platform. With its offerings throughout all circulation channels, Sky Media works to set the market standard for effective brand placements and is considered to be among the most pertinent drivers for modern advertisement concepts.

Sky Employment

At this time, Sky employs 25,000 individuals throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. When new employees join Sky, it is often with the intention of having a career with the company. Sky offers all the growth opportunities that one would expect to come from such a large company. This includes training, support for specialist qualifications, an extensive resource library and guidance. All of the 900 work experience possibilities are offered online, and positions are granted solely on merit. All participants are given £15 per day to help with expenses. By working in collaboration with organisations like MAMA Youth, Sky supports diversity and inclusion.

Regulative Environment

As a business-oriented broadcasting corporation, Sky is dedicated to forming opinion openly, independently and publicly. Because of this, unique regulative criteria apply to the company, which is not viewed merely as a commercial organization, but also as a television station which has an influence over public thoughts and opinions. Considering the constitutional importance of television broadcasting, Sky is governed by special legal rights and responsibilities which are outlined by a mix of federal and state legal guidelines.

As a television broadcaster, Sky is controlled by state legislation and subsequently to the Broadcasting Agreement drafted by all of the federal states that are a part of Germany. This establishes for example the guidelines for programming content and the limitations handed down by media concentration regulations. With regards to content, as a commercial broadcaster of television programming, Sky is controlled by the State Media Authorities.

Sky Communications

The Sky communications department is divided into two components:

Consumer Communications: Consumer Communications tells consumers about product or service and programming associated subjects. Product and Content handles programming, special events and goods. Sports Communications consists of topics associated with programming subject material, rights and sporting events, along with original formats.

Corporate Communications: Corporate Communications is in charge of public relations actions for all tactical corporate subjects such as business and financial interaction, personal information and corporate accountability. This also consists of marketing communications for subsidiary Sky Media Network and the consumer targeted Business Solutions department.

Both departments can be reached by calling the Sky Head Office contact number.

MIRA Award

The MIRA was the very first award ceremony for exceptional accomplishments in pay television in Germany. The ceremony was held for the sixth time in 2015. Broadcasters are acknowledged in nine different categories, separate from their particular distribution platform. Sky started the MIRA Award with the purpose of acknowledging exceptional achievements by pay television channels in Germany. The awards bolster broadcasters in their endeavours to consistently improve the quality of their programmes and offer audiences superb entertainment across all categories.