Sky Customer Service 0870 280 2564

Use the Sky contact number to get in contact with the Sky customer services team to speak to a representative about your Sky TV, Sky Internet or Sky telephone services. The Sky customer Services team is operational between 8:30am and 11:30pm seven days a week. The Sky hotline is rather busy after the hours of 11am so its best to call before that time. Sky customer services will assist you with any issues you have with your Sky service when you call them on 0870 280 2564 or alternatively call directly through to the customer service team of the Sky service you are having problems with below.

Sky Customer Service
0870 280 2564

Useful Sky Contact Numbers:

HelplineContact Number
Sky Customer Service0333 009 1508

Sky Departmental Phone Numbers:

DepartmentContact Number
Sky Customer Service0333 009 1508
Sky TV0333 009 1508
Sky Broadband0333 009 1508
Sky Talk0333 009 1508
Accounts & Billing0333 009 1508
Complaints03300 412 558
Cancellations0333 009 1508
Moving Home0333 009 1508
Sky Sports Box Office03442 410 888
Sky Box Office03442 410 888
Sky TV Apps0333 009 1508
Sky Protect0800 561 4457
Head Office0333 100 0333

Sky Customer Services Opening Times:

Monday to Friday8:30am – 11:30pm
Saturday8:30am – 11:30pm
Sunday8:30am – 11:30pm

Contact Sky By Post:

Sky Head Office Postal Address:
Sky Head Office
Grant Way
United Kingdom
Telephone: 0333 100 0333
Sky Complaints By Post:
Sky Subscriber Services Ltd
PO Box 43
West Lothian
EH54 7DD
United Kingdom

How To Quickly Resolve Sky Complaints

Our members report that to get your sky complaint resolved the quickest way, is to go straight to the top. It is advised to email or/and and state that you are writing directly to the CEO in the absence of a satisfactory reply. Remember to include your full complaint and lots of contact methods (email, home phone, mobile number) for Sky to contact/call you back. The majority of members Sky complaints are dealt with within 48 hours and some users have reported they are now enjoying half price service after being given the run around by the Sky customer service team.

How To Contact Sky Customer Service

Contact Sky Customer Service by calling 0870 280 2564. Enter your primary telephone number including the area code if it’s a landline. To get through to the right place, you can say why you are calling. You can say things like “To pay my bill” or “The engineer hasn’t arrived yet” or alternatively skip it and select from the following options:

  • Call 0870 280 2564 to speak to Sky Customer Service
  • Press 1 if it’s about your bill.
  • Press 2 if you would like to join Sky or upgrade.
  • Press 3 if you are moving home.
  • Press 4 to reduce your subscription or to leave Sky.
  • Press 5 if your Sky TV is not working.
  • Press 6 if it’s about your Sky broadband and phone.

How to contact Sky?

When you want to contact Sky, the phone number 0870 280 2564 or freephone 0800 151 2747 are the best contact numbers to use. These numbers will put you straight through to Sky customer services. The best time to call Sky is in the morning however the sky helpline is open between 8:30am to 11:30pm 7 days a week.

Sky Customer Service Overview

Sky is a telecommunications business that offers several home and business services, including television, internet, and phone. These services can be subscribed to either as a single service, or as part of a bundle, and they are made available to both residential and business customers. As one of the largest service providers of its kind, Sky contact number information is in high demand. Those who wish to contact Sky customer services can phone 0870 280 2564. Help is available for existing customers, as well as prospective customers.

There are many reasons to contact Sky. Prospective subscribers would be wise to learn as much as possible about the available Sky options and pricing. Special Sky deals are routinely offered to new subscribers, and these may include special discounted pricing, free items, and more. Existing Sky customers may wish to speak with Sky customer service to upgrade or downgrade their service, ask billing questions, make payments, request account assistance and more. There truly is no limit to what one can get help with when calling the Sky helpline.

It is possible for individuals and business to change from one service provider to Sky. Any Sky customer service agent can help you with setting up a new account and selecting services. When moving home, a transfer request can be entered into the system by phoning the Sky customer service number. When calling for a transfer of service, it will be helpful to have the new address and date of the move available. In order to ensure a smooth transition, it is best to request moving home service transfers a few weeks in advance of the actual date of the move.

Sky History and Business Information

Based in Isleworth, Sky was formerly known as British Sky Broadcasting or BSkyB. A 1990 merger between Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting helped to propel the company to the largest digital subscription pay TV provider in the United Kingdom. As of 2015, the company reportedly had 11 million customers, and was ranked as the top subscription television service in the United Kingdom. Sky shares are traded publicly on the London Stock Exchange and the FTSE 100 Index. Rupert Murdoch owns a controlling stake in the company.

The reasoning behind the merging of Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting was simple and straightforward. Individually, the two companies were struggling financially as they competed against one another for subscribers. Sam Chisholm was named the new CEO at that time, and was given the task of reorganising the company, which at that time was losing £10 million per week. Changes were implemented and by September of 1991, weekly losses had been slashed to £1.5 million. By March of 1992, the company had finally become profitable, earning an estimated £100K weekly at that time.

In 2007, Rupert Murdoch resigned as BSkyB’s non-executive chairman and his son James then filled that role. Jeremy Darroch would replace James when he made the decision to give up the CEO position. More recently, BSkyB acquired 21st Century Fox’s stakes in both Sky Deutschland and Sky Italia. The British Sky Broadcasting Group plc name was changed to Sky plc to reflect the 2015 European acquisitions, while the United Kingdom operations were also renamed as Sky UK Limited. Sky plc was able to buy out the remaining Sky Deutschland minority shareholders in 2015.

How to Contact Sky Customer Services

family-phoneThe most popular way to connect to Sky customer services is by phone, but there are additional contact options available as well. The Sky contact number will connect you with someone in the support division who can answer questions, provide account help, or assist with service problems. There are many different topics and issues that can be discussed when calling the Sky telephone number, including:

  • Sky TV
  • Account & Billing
  • Problem Reporting
  • Sky Broadband
  • Sky Talk
  • Complaints
  • Moving home
  • Sky TV Apps
  • Sky iD
  • Cancelling Service

Basic information about each of these topics can be found online when visiting: The help page requires the selection of a general topic, which then opens up more specific topic areas of information. The online help centre is automated, which means that you will essentially be required to help yourself by way of reading through the provided information. In some cases, such as those of specific account questions, it will be best to call Sky and speak with a representative. Some account changes can be completed from within your account, while others will need to be completed by a Sky customer service agent.

Email is also a contact option if you wish to wait longer for a response. Note that it is necessary to navigate through the online help steps before being able to send an email to support. If you would rather skip this step and call for help, Sky number 0870 280 2564 can be used to connect to a live agent. Service outage information is available when you call Sky or send an email. Outage information is also provided on the website by clicking on “Service Status” from the contact area. Additional assistance options include social media and the help forum, both of which can be accessed online.

Overview of Sky Services

Sky TV

family-watching-sky-tvSky TV can be ordered as a stand-alone service, or as part of a bundle. Additionally, there are several different television subscription packages to choose from. Bundles prices start at £20 a month. There are subscription options that will appeal to movie lovers, sports fans, children and more. Sky Q, a wireless home entertainment system option has recently been added and made available to subscribers. Sky Q allows subscribers to access recordings from televisions, tablets, and other mobile devices within the home. Call 0870 280 2564 to ask about special pricing for new customers.

Sky Q is offered in two different varieties, including standard and Sky Q Silver. The standard box allows subscribers to watch television in one room of the home, from one table anywhere, record up to 3 shows (while watching a 4th one live), and store up to 150 hours of programs. With Silver, Sky TV can be watching from 2 rooms in the home, from 2 tablets anywhere, record up to 4 shows at a time (while watching a 5th one live), and store up to 350 hours of programs. Viewing packages such as Sky Movies and Sky Sports can be added for an additional charge.

Sky Television bundle options include:

The Original Bundle – Includes over 30 channels such as Sky Atlantic, Sky1, FOX and more. Sky+, which allows users to record, pause, and rewind shows in included. Sky Go, which allows for viewing from mobile devices, is also included in this package. The least costly bundle available, this option offers the basics, along with access to several free to air channels.

The Variety Bundle – Over 65 channels are included in this bundle. Kids TV is included, and provides over 1,900 of the most popular television shows for children. Sky Go is also included. This bundle will appeal to those who want access to a wide variety of channels for entertainment, but also want access to plenty of programming for young children.

The Family Bundle – This option includes over 300 box sets for viewing. Over 50 entertainment channels in HD are included, along with Sky 3D. Catch Up TV is also provided, eliminating missed shows. This lower priced bundle is a suitable option for families with children who enjoy watching family programming, movies, and complete television show series.

The Sky Movies Bundle – The ultimate package for movie lovers, this bundle includes over 1000 movies on demand and the ability to view some movies 12 months before online subscription services have them. New movies are added weekly. Sky Movies Disney and 11 Sky Movies channels are also included. The best bundle for people who love to watch movies of all kinds, including movies for children.

The Sky Sports Bundle – Includes 116 live games from the Barclays Premier League, 127 games from the Sky Bet Football League and live action from the Capital One Cup. Viewers can watch live coverage of the Test Series, every Formula 1 race and many more of the biggest events in sport. Subscribers will receive 7 Sky Sports channels and over 30 entertainment channels. The best bundle if you would like access to more live sports, but want entertainment as well.

The Complete Bundle – Includes over 50 entertainment channels in HD, live Barclays Premier League action, coverage of every Formula 1 race and many more of the biggest events in sport, over 1,000 movies on demand, and over 300 Sky Box Sets. The best bundle for those who want everything.

Sky customer services can help with any issue related to Sky TV, including problem solving, Sky TV pin numbers, viewing cards, and more. If you would like to sign up for television service, upgrade or downgrade your existing service, or cancel service, dial Sky phone number 0870 280 2564. An agent can make the necessary account changes for you. When you are under contract, some changes may not be possible, and it may be necessary to pay a penalty for cancelling service while under contract. Speak with Sky customer service if you would like to make changes to your service or cancel service after agreeing to a contract.

For in-home repairs, call the aforementioned number to schedule a TV engineer appointment. Appointments can be established on a day that is best for you. Should you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, call the Sky help number. In some cases, problems can be solved by troubleshooting issues with a phone support technician. Call 0870 280 2564 if you would like to go over the problem with a representative to see if it can be solved without the need for a home appointment. In many cases, problems can be solved without the need for a repair appointment.

Sky Broadband

sky-bradband-smart-hubBroadband and Fibre internet services are both available to Sky customers. Some service levels are offered for free with a qualifying line rental. Unlimited Broadband and Fibre discount pricing may require a 12-month contract. Speak with a representative by calling 0870 280 2564 or visit the terms and conditions pages of the Sky website to learn more about contract requirements. Special deals and discounted pricing are routinely made available, and anyone can call the Sky free phone number to discuss the latest offers with a customer service representative.

Sky Broadband Unlimited (non-Fibre) is also an available option. When taking advantage of special offers, this service may be provided for free for a period of time. Call the Sky contact number on 0870 280 2564 to learn more about free offers. Broadband Unlimited comes with Broadband Shield, Sky Hub, Sky WiFi, and Tech Team access. Note that line rental costs and contract periods may apply when ordering internet service or taking advantage of special offers. Contact Sky customer services to learn more about the terms and conditions of any offer.

There are three Sky Fibre options to choose from. The first, and lowest priced, includes a usage limit of 25GB monthly. Those who prefer not to be bound by any limits can option for an unlimited usage option. The third option is also unlimited, but also includes constant access to dedicated technical support. While this option may be best for business customers, individual customers are also free to sign up if they want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that technical support is only a phone call away. Sky Fibre includes Broadband Shield, Sky Hub, Sky WiFi, and Sky Yahoo Email.

Assistance with internet services is available via Sky customer service number 0870 280 2564. When calling this number, you will be able to connect with someone who can help with troubleshooting problems, or if necessary, schedule a visit from a trained repair person. Agents can also help with account changes, such as upgrading or downgrading service, or cancelling service altogether. Internet service can be transferred when moving home. Contact Sky in advance of your move in order to set up a service transfer from your current home to your new location.

Additional Sky Broadband help topics include WiFi service, Sky email, and Broadband Pro. Broadband Shield internet protection is also an available option that is included with some subscriptions. This service provides security and allows internet users to filter the websites that are viewed in their home. A router is needed for internet connection, and one is provided to each new customer. With the Sky Q service, a hub is provided which turns Sky boxes into Wi-Fi hotpots. A router delivery charge does apply and wireless range will vary. Use the Sky contact number to learn more about the costs and capabilities of routers.

Sky Talk

Landlines are available to home and business customers who wish to have them. Phone service is available with many of the bundles and can also be ordered solo. There are several service packages to choose from, with each providing different windows of free or discounted calls. For example, the Evenings and Weekends Extra subscription provides free calling after a certain hour each weeknight and on weekends. Anytime Extra and International Extra subscriptions are available as well. Per minute call charges will apply on some calls. To learn more about charges, call Sky at 0870 280 2564 or visit the Sky website to view the list of tariff options.

Sky Talk service packages are offered at prices ranging from £4 to £12 a month (line rental is extra). These include options for calling during certain hours of the day, or unlimited calling to most numbers during any time of the day or day of the week. There are also call plan options for those who routinely make international calls.

The current service options include:

Evenings and Weekends – Call rates to UK landlines & mobiles Monday-Friday 7am-7pm cost 11.5p a minute. The same rate is charged for calls to 0845 & 0870 numbers. Calls made during the evening hours and on weekends are included in the cost. International landline call rates are charged at standard rates. 24/7 calls to Sky Customer Service are included in the cost.

Anytime Extra – Monday to Friday calls and weekend calls are included in the price. Call to 0845 & 0870 numbers are also included, along with 24/7 calls to Sky. International landline call rates are 2p a minute to 22 destinations. Contact Sky by calling 0870 280 2564 to learn more about international calling rates outside of the included destinations.

International Extra – This package is exactly the same as the Anytime Extra plan, with the only difference being that international calls to 50 destinations are included in the monthly cost. Sky customer services can provide information about costs for calls to destinations aside from the 50 that are included.

Sky Pay As You Talk is also an option, and may be the best choice for those who do not make many calls. With this plan, subscribers only pay for the calls that they actually make. If you purchase Sky Broadband or Fibre and do not subscribe to any of the aforementioned plans, Sky Pay as you Talk is included as standard. It is possible to get Sky Line Rental if you already have an active phone line, and this option will allow you to keep your existing number.

Sky for Business and Properties

TV Engineer Installing Sky DishThe same types of services that are available for homes are also made available for businesses. Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, retail store, or some other type of business, Sky can provide you with television, internet, and/or phone service. Dial Sky contact number 0870 280 2564 if you would like to inquire about the available services, pricing, and to learn what the installation process is. For current customers who need account help, wish to report a problem, or have questions, the same Sky contact number can be used to connect with a representative.

Sky Communal TV is an option for properties. The communal television option provides television service for all or select units within a multi-unit living space. Complete installation service is offered, and this includes specialist installation for properties that are still undergoing construction. Property managers and developers are welcome to contact Sky to request more information about communal options. Additionally, residents who receive the service are welcome to reach out to Sky to report problems, ask questions, or make certain changes to their existing service.

Sky on Social Media

Sky can be found on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The company also maintains additional pages for more specific purposes, such as Sky Sports, Sky Movies, Sky 1, and more. The company is very activate on its pages and does have customer service agents who respond to questions and comments posted on social media. Depending on the time of day that a question or comment is posted, it can take some time to receive a response. For the fastest response time, dial 0870 280 2564 and talk with the Sky Help Team. Account related questions that include personal information are best dealt with via phone or email rather than social media.