Sky Cancellations: 0870 280 6370

Call the Sky Cancellations contact number to be put through to the Sky Cancellations customer service if you would like to cancel your Sky packages and move to a different provider. The Sky Cancellations team will be happy to assist and their phone lines are open between 8:30am and 11:30pm seven days a week.

Sky Cancellations Contact Number
0870 280 6370

Useful Sky Cancellations Contact Numbers:

DepartmentPhone Number
Sky Cancellations Contact Number0870 280 6370
Cancel Sky TV0870 280 5624
Cancel Sky Broadband0870 280 5617
Cancel Sky Talk0870 280 5707

If for any reason you wish to cancel your Sky service, you will be required to contact the company and let them know. Should you only need to make changes to your service, and not completely cancel, these can be completed online. Sky customer service is available if you need help with cancelling specific services or your service in its entirety. The following information will help ensure that you are able to complete a cancellation quickly and easily.

Sky TV Cancellation

If you wish to cancel Sky TV service, you will need to get in touch with the Sky customer service department. There are two options for doing this – call the Sky contact number or speak with an agent via the live chat function that is available on the company website. Live chat is an option seven days a week between the hours of 8:30am and 8pm. In some cases, charges may apply to calls made to the UK customer service department, so keep this in mind when calling.

Sky TV can also be cancelled by sending an email to the company to let them know of your intent to cancel service. It is quite possible that you will receive a return email that asks you to verify your account details. This information will be needed in order to complete the cancellation. If you do not provide it, the company will not be able to process the request to cancel services. You can also write to Sky to let them know that you wish to cancel. Using either contact method, the notice period begins from the time that the email or letter is received.

Sky Broadband and Sky Talk Cancellation

You will need to contact Sky if you plan on moving to Virgin Media cable service and do not plan to transfer your telephone number. Under these circumstances, you will need to have a Sky customer service agent cancel your broadband and phone service. If you are changing service as part of exercising a right to leave that you have been informed of, you will need to call the company contact number and let them know. This will prevent you from being charged any early termination fees. The call can be made either before or after you establish service with a different provider.

It will not be necessary to contact Sky if you plan to move to a different provider that is not Virgin Media cable service. Instead of cancelling your services entirely, you would instead just submit your order with the new provider, with no need to call Sky and speak with an agent. As for broadband and Sky Talk complete cancellation, you will need to contact the company by phone or live chat. The hours for live chat are listed above and the contact number is provided on this website.

Sky Contact Requirements

You must contact Sky to submit a cancellation request under the circumstances listed above. Doing so will ensure that you have provided them with your account details and given permission for an agent to process your request. Contact will also help to ensure that there is no errant loss of service and no problems when you are changing service providers. For example, you could lose certain discounts or be asked to pay early termination fees if you cancel before a contract time period has elapsed. A quick call to customer service can help you to avoid misunderstandings.

Customers are not required to call Sky if they are cancelling service within 31-days of having become a new customer. Sky contact will also not be necessary if you are moving your broadband or phone service to a new provider that does not offer cable service. Do be sure that you do not cancel your payment arrangements (such as direct debit) until the final bill has been paid. If you do, it may be necessary to call the customer service department and make payment arrangements for any final costs.

Revoking Cancellation

During the cancellation period, you can change your mind about keeping Sky TV service and revoke your cancellation. To do this, you will need to call the Sky contact number and speak with an agent who will make the necessary changes to your account and ensure that your services are not disconnected. Contact will also be necessary if you change your mind about cancelling broadband or Sky Talk. A Sky representative will update your account to ensure that these services do remain active.

Termination Charges

If you cancel service while still under contract, you may be asked to pay termination charges. For most Sky services, you will be asked to agree to a contact period ranging from 12 months to 18 months. Contracts are often required in conjunction with special offers and you will need to agree to the terms and conditions before being provided with service. If you cancel service during a contract period, Sky customer services will be in touch to let you know what the costs will be.

If a termination charge is accessed, it will be based on the following:

  • The amount of time remaining in the contract.
  • Any amount that you have already paid or been billed in the cancellation billing cycle.
  • The services that you are subscribed to.

Termination charges are based upon the exact number of days that remain in your minimum term. Any charges that you have already been billed for in the term will be taken into account. In most cases, each person will receive a customised fee and not a flat rate. Contact Sky to learn more or to ask what your exact termination fee will be.

Note that early termination fees will only apply if your subscription is cancelled for reasons that are not permitted as part of the contract. Do refer to your contract or call the Sky contact number if you need information regarding your contract. Should you choose to cancel service after your contract period has expired, there will be no costs associated with cancellation.