Sky Broadband: 0870 280 5687

Dial the Sky broadband contact number to speak with the Sky broadband customer service team about your new or existing Sky broadband package or to report faults. The Sky broadband phone number is open daily between the hours of 8:30am and 11:30pm. Make sure you call before 11am to avoid lengthly waiting times.

Sky broadband Contact Number
0870 280 5687

Useful Sky Broadband Contact Numbers:

DepartmentPhone Number
Sky Broadband Contact Number0870 280 5687
Problems with Sky Broadband0870 280 5647
Sky WiFi0870 280 5600
Sky Email0870 280 5658
Join or upgrade Sky Broadband0870 280 5686
Cancel Sky Broadband0870 280 5617
Downgrade Sky Broadband0870 280 5677
Sky Broadband Pro0870 280 6368

Sky offers two primary broadband services, including broadband and fibre. At times, customers can subscribe to broadband service at no cost, provided that a line rental fee is paid each month. Those who are interested in unlimited broadband services may be asked to agree to a contract period, yet are often provided with a discounted rate for the duration of the contract term. The Sky contact number that you see listed here can be used to connect with a representative who can answer all the questions that you have regarding the available broadband service options.

Sky broadband: What’s Included?

The primary differences between each of the available options are the download speed and allowed usage. Broadband is now always offered with unlimited usage, but there are two available fibre options, with one offering limited use service. If you have questions about whether or not limits are going to work for your home, contact Sky broadband and discuss the available options with a representative. In most homes, unlimited service is the best option, but for those who live alone or are rarely using broadband at home, the lower lost limited option may be suitable.

Both types of broadband service, both broadband and fibre, come with the following:

  • Broadband Shield: broadband protection that defends against viruses and allows you to filter the websites that can be viewed in your home.
  • Hub: Both the standard and new Sky Q hubs provide an broadband connection and wireless broadband access throughout your home.
  • Wi-Fi: Sky Broadband Unlimited, Connect or Fibre customers can get online at over 20,000 locations across the United Kingdom at no extra cost.
  • Yahoo E-mail: A dedicated email account through Yahoo for those who wish to have one.

Sky broadband Service Options

Sky broadband contact is recommended for those who would like to order broadband service for the first time, or make changes to their current service plan. At this time, there are three options to choose from: Broadband Unlimited, Fibre, and Fibre Unlimited. The broadband option offers the slowest download speeds of the three, up to 17mb. Both fibre options offer download speeds of up to 38mb. The standard fibre plan offers a 25GB monthly usage allowance, while the unlimited option has no allowance cap. At this time, all three are being offered for free with a 12-month contract (£17.40 a month line rental applies). Call the Sky phone number seen here to learn more.

Sky broadband Customer Services for Account Help

Each Sky broadband customer will have their own personal account. Many tasks, such as personal information updates and submitting bill payments can be done online. Contact Sky directly if you wish to make changes to your broadband service, or need to order service for the first time. Sky contact is also recommended for those who are moving home and wish to transfer their broadband services to their new location. If you wish to disconnect or upgrade your service, calling the Sky helpline will allow you to complete the necessary arrangements. If equipment needs to be returned to the company, the Sky customer service agent that you speak with will provide the necessary instructions.

Sky broadband Contact for Reporting Service Problems

If you need to report any type of problem with your broadband service, call the Sky broadband contact number shown here. When calling this contact number, you will have the opportunity to connect with someone who can provide troubleshooting assistance, or if necessary, schedule a home visit from a qualified repair person. Sky broadband customer services can provide information about service outages that are impacting your area, and may also be able to provide an estimate for service restoration. If on-location repairs are needed at your home or business, an appointment can be set. If new equipment is needed, a representative can arrange to have this delivered to you.

Sky broadband help is available for other matters, such as troubles with connecting to WiFi, security, Sky e-mail, and more. In many cases, problems can be solved just by calling the Sky broadband telephone number and talking with a representative. The company website does provide an information section that serves as a self-help area for those who are in need of assistance. This area includes instructions for installing a hub or router, as well as things to check if your broadband service is not working correctly. The Sky broadband contact number listed here can be used to connect with someone who can provide detailed instructions for router and hub installation, along with instructions for connecting your devices to the WiFi setup on your home or business.