Sky Broadband: The Case for Unlimited Service


The vast majority of household now have high-speed internet. Clearly, we’ve come a long way since the age of dial-up. Sky is one of several service providers who now offer internet connection services to UK residents. At this time, they offer several options, including standard broadband and fibre. It is possible to save some money by selecting a service level that has limits, but for some, this can prove to be a big mistake. Consider the following before opting for limited services.

Some people assume that since they are the only one in the household, that limited broadband service will suffice. This may be true, but before making the assumption, consider how you would typically use Sky internet services. Do you like to download music? Plan to stream content such as movies and videos? Play video games live online with others? These things are typically best done when there is no data limit, and the internet speeds are high. For gamers, fibre internet should definitely be considered due to the additional speed it provides. It too comes in an unlimited package.

The same goes for families. When all members of the family are using the internet, data can be used up quickly. There really should be no question about opting for Sky Unlimited when ordering service for a family. Internet service can be ordered as a stand-alone service, or along with television service. Sky offers more than one bundle that provides television channels and programming that is appropriate for family viewing. These include lots of on demand viewing options for children’s programming, family-friendly movies, and more.

If you use the internet for business, there really should be no questions as to which type of service you need. Sky customer service is available to answer questions about the various types of services that they offer to business customers. Installation services are available, if needed, and these can be scheduled in advance. Sky offers excellent support for both individual and business customers, including troubleshooting tech service, on-location repairs, and fast replacement of equipment that does not function correctly.

It seems more and more likely that data limits will go the way of dial-up and eventually become obsolete. For now though, there are options. The cost of limited broadband is less than unlimited, but limits can be challenging. If you have questions about which option is best for you, contact Sky customer services. Agents can help you to understand which online actions pull the most data, and let you know right away whether or not you are likely to exceed limits. They can also explain any special offers that are currently in place, allowing you to pay the least amount for your internet service.