Sky Box Office: 0870 280 5523

Give the Sky Box Office contact number a call to speak with a member of the Sky Box Office customer service team to discuss any queries relating to Sky box Office. The Sky Box Office phone number is open to take calls between the hours of 8:30am and 11:30pm seven days a week.

Sky Box Office
0870 280 5523

Sky Box Office offers Sky customers the opportunity to rent movies and watch major sporting events live. The service is entirely optional, and there are fees when it is used. The following information will help you to order movies through the service and also provides some troubleshooting tips for those who experience problems with placing an order. Of course there is also Sky customer service to turn to in the event that you need to speak with an agent about ordering or billing for Box Office purchases.

How to Order Using Your Remote

For most people, using a Sky remote control is going to be the easiest way to order a movie. The remote allows for quick ordering and immediate viewing. It is also possible to watch an ordered movie at a later time if you wish. Do note that it will not be possible to use your remote to order if your Sky box is not connected to your broadband. You can establish a connection by connecting your box to a live phone line before attempting to place your order.

The first step to ordering Box Office movies through your remote is to press on the ‘Box Office’ button. Once you do this, you can highlight the Box Office tab on the screen and press to make the selection. The next step will be to select from the available categories and make a selection, after which you can select the movie that you want to watch and make that selection. You will need to confirm that you wish to make a purchase and may be asked to provide your Sky PIN before receiving a confirmation. If you have forgotten your PIN, contact Sky and ask a customer service agent to help you recover it.

Customers do have the option to record a purchases program if they are using once of the compatible Sky boxes. To record, press the button that shown an ‘R’ on the remote. Once the purchase is complete using your remote control, it will be included in your Planner. This may not be particularly helpful with movies that you plan to watch right away, but it can be helpful when you order a sporting event or movie that you want to watch at a later time. If you do not care to record, simply skip this step entirely.

How to Order from the Sky Store

Ordering from the Sky Store is similar to ordering with a remote in that your Sky box will need to be connected to your broadband. The connection will allow you to rent movies in an instant from the online store. When watching a movie on one of the Sky Box Office channels, the movie is going to start at a specific time, but if you order from the store, you will be able to watch it whenever you wish. You can still use your remote to place the order if you wish. Simply navigate to the store area on-screen, browse the listings, and make your selection.

Box Office Phone Orders

If you prefer speaking with Sky customer services to place a Box Office order, you do have that option. Phone ordering may be necessary if you are struggling to place an order either online or via your remote. Note that there are different contact numbers for Sky customers in the UK and customers in Ireland. The correct phone numbers can be accessed from the Sky website. Keep in mind that there may be charges for making the call to place an order and these can vary depending on where you call from, which contact number you use, etc.

Common Problems

The most common problems associated with Sky Box Office ordering are lack of broadband connection and order limits during a cancellation period (read below). In some cases, it will simply be necessary to order by phone. For example, Sky Multiscreen customer with no boxes connected to a broadband network will need to phone in orders. Viewing card issues can cause problems, and you may need to contact Sky to speak with a member of the tech team to work through this problem.

Special Notice for Cancelled Accounts

If you have cancelled your Sky television service subscription or all of your services with the company, you will be limited to only being able to order one movie rental and one ‘Buy & Keep’ movie before your service ends. There are no limits placed on Premium Sporting Box Office events. You must use your remote for ordering if you are within your cancellation period, and any charges that are incurred from ordering movies or events will be added to either your upcoming or final bill. Call the Sky contact number if you have any questions.