Sky Accounts & Billing: 0870 280 0466

Call the Sky Accounts & Billing contact number to speak to a member of the Sky customer services team about your Sky account or if you have a billing query. The Sky Accounts & Billing phone number is open for calls during the hours of 8:30am and 11:30pm seven days a week however their phone lines are less busy before 11am.

Sky Accounts & Billing Contact Number
0870 280 0466

Useful Sky Accounts & Billing Contact Numbers:

DepartmentPhone Number
Sky Accounts & Billing0870 280 0466
Bills & Payments0870 280 5603
Change Your Account Details0870 280 5607
Sky Introductory Offers0870 280 5627
Track Your Sky Order0870 280 5639
Sky Protect Insurance0870 280 0493

All Sky customers will be provided with access to their online account. Via an online account, customers can do many things, such as pay bills, make changes to their services, update their personal information, and more. What follows is information for Sky customers regarding account and billing procedures. Should you need additional information or help with your account, support for account and billing procedures is provided by Sky customer service. Call their contact number to speak with an agent.

Sky iD

All customers will need a Sky iD, which services are your specific username and password for using each of the online services. You will need to have this information in order to utilise My Sky, Sky Go, make purchases in the Sky Store, use any of the apps, and to make use of Broadband Shield. Your iD will be directly linked to the account for your address and will allow you to access any of the aforementioned services.

For each account, there needs to be a primary iD. The primary is linked to the first user who created the iD for the household. There can only be one primary per account and it should belong to the person whose name the account is in. Once the primary has been created, up to nine additional iD’s can be created for the other members of the home. Additional iD’s will allow everyone to personalise their viewing experience to some degree.

Note that the individual who is linked to the primary will have complete access the account. Any additional users can be either setup by the primary or can go through a process of requesting access on their own. When the second option is chosen, the primary Sky iD holder will need to approve the request and afterward will be able to choose exactly what that user has access to in terms of viewing, account information, and more.

Sky Billing

Whenever you pay your bill, you care paying for service in advance. The charges incurred are the result of any fixed-price subscriptions that you have signed up for (TV, Broadband, Sky Talk, etc.). In addition, you may see charges that are linked to one off purchases. For example, if you rent or purchase a movie from the Sky Store there will be a charge. If you have questions about any charges shown on your billing statement, contact Sky customer service. You current bill will always be available for viewing within your online account (after your service has been activated). New bills are posted two weeks before the payment becomes due.

Your First Few Bills

No payment will become due until after your service is activated. After this is done, you will receive a billing statement (or email if you opt for paperless billing) that will tell your charges. The first payment is to be paid two weeks after service is begun. The billed about will include the 14-days of services, along with remaining charges for the first month. It is not uncommon for customers to have questions about their first bill. Calling the Sky contact number to ask questions may be necessary.

The second bill could also lead to some confusion, as it arrives only 14-days after the initial bill was paid. However, this is dependent upon the date that you have chosen for automated payment to take place. The second bill should be for a full month, covering the cost of the next month of service (and billed in advance). The charges may be for more than one month, and this is because it may include new services that were activated after the first payment was made.

The third bill includes a total for all services and all subscriptions for the coming month, billed in advance. With this billing statement, you will see the amount that you can expect to pay monthly, provided that you do not add or remove any services. One-off charges will increase a bill, but should appear on a subsequent billing statement for the month after the purchases were made. Contact Sky should you have questions about one-off charges.

Managing Bills & Payments

Sky customers can view their current billing statement, along with 11 previous bills by logging into their online account. If you do not yet have an account, you will need to create one. There is a ‘Sign Up’ link on the Sky website. Once you are in the ‘My Account’ area, you will need to proceed to the ‘Bills & Payments’ area in order to see your most current billing statement. There, you will also find details regarding your subscriptions. If you need to make changes to your method of payment, modify the date that your payment is due, make a one-time payment, or change over to paperless billing, you can do these things within the ‘My Account’ area.

Late Fees

Whenever a bill is not paid by the due date, a late payment fee will be added. At this time, Sky charges £7.50 for late payments and reserves the right to restrict your services until the bill is paid. Note that VAT is not added to the late fee. Additional charges may be incurred if Sky has to take steps to recover a debt that is owed by you. Late fees are shown on a subsequent bill after a late payment has been made. Sky customer services will contact you before adding these fees, restricting your services, or turning your debt over to a collection company.

Account Limits

If you wish to avoid the aforementioned late fees and debt collection, contact Sky and let the customer service team know that you are struggling to pay your bill. It is possible to set up a spending limit on your account and if this amount is exceeded, the company will send you an email to inform you. Note that your service will not be restricted when the amount is exceeded and charges may still be incurred. The service is for your convenience only.

It is possible to set a hard spending limit for your account by calling the Sky contact number and making a request. Once this type of limit is in place, you service can be restricted if the spending limit is exceeded. For Sky Talk services, you would still be able to call out for emergency services and call to Freephone numbers, but would not be able to accept incoming calls. If you are interested in setting this type of limit, call the customer service contact number.