Scheduling Driving and Written Tests with the DVLA


People have to complete the necessary tests through the DVLA in order to operate motor vehicles legally within the United Kingdom. There is a driving test and a theory test, and people are going to have to pass both of them. People cannot just show up and take those tests, however. They are going to need to reserve spots in advance in order to do so, and they can learn how to do so here.

Some people will book these tests online and other people will book these tests by actually contacting the DVLA phone number. People will need to make it clear as to the date and time that they want to take the tests. The tests will cost twenty-three euros in order to complete, and that goes for the motorcycle exams and the vehicular exams. People can pay when they arrive or pay online after booking the appointment. People can take the test in British Sign Language, English, or Welsh.

There are practice tests that are available online in fifty-question collections that people can take in order to practice for their DVLA tests, especially the theory tests. However, these practice tests can still help when it comes to the driving test. The theory tests that people will take will have one hundred questions on them, and the questions are going to be similar to the questions that people will find on these practice tests. People who fail the theory tests are going to have to wait three days in order to take the theory test again, and they will have to pay an additional fee to the DVLA in order to do so.

People will need to find the right DVLA testing location in order to schedule their driving tests online with the DVLA. People will actually have to pay to do practice tests for the driving section. These practice tests cost sixty-two euros, and more than that if the person in question wants to take a practice test after 4:30 pm or on a weekend day or a bank holiday day. People need to take and pass the theory test before they are allowed to take the driving test. People will pay for the test with a debit or credit card, and they will need their North Ireland or Great Britain driver’s license numbers as well.

People who need to cancel a test that they have booked will need to contact the DVLA immediately. In order to reschedule, people will need to do this within three working days. Otherwise, they will have to pay for the whole thing again.