Saving Money by Shopping the ASOS Outlet


The ASOS website contains thousands of different products from hundreds of different brands, including the ASOS brand. The company also allows other sellers to get in on the action by allowing them to market their wares inside the ASOS Marketplace. There, there are thousands more items to choose from, including clothing and accessories for both men and women. What few know about is the ASOS Outlet, and that is what we’re going to discuss today.

To begin with, let’s talk about how to access the outlet. The easiest way is by hovering over either the “Women” or “Men” links on the homepage. When you do this, a box of additional link options will open up just below. Within this box, you’ll see the Outlet link in black text, in bold. Note that there are separate outlet areas for both men and women, so click on the appropriate link in order to see the types of clothing that you wish to view. Once you come to the outlet page, there will many additional search options, such as “New In” and “Last Chance to Buy”.

There is no way to sort through items by discount percentage, but ASOS makes it know that discounts of up to 70% are provided. Both the retail price and the outlet price are provided along with each item, making it easy to know just how much you are saving on each purchase. Once a category of clothing has been selected, it is then possible to select additional parameters to narrow down the choices. This includes price range, size, brand, style, and colour.

ASOS outlet items include many different clothing styles, and these are not limited to only clothing items that are out of season. In fact, ASOS does an excellent job of stocking the outlet with current styles that are simply overstocks or items that need to be moved from the main website to make room for other items. Either way, the shopper is the beneficiary of some serious discounts when shopping in the outlet area of the site.

If you are just finding out about the ASOS outlet for the very first time, then you’re likely to be quite pleased with this discovery. ASOS is known for offering a huge variety of clothing and accessories at reasonable prices. The outlet simply expands on this by offering hundreds more items, but at marked down prices. Returns are still accepted, and are free for those who live in the UK, so there is no risk to shopping for clothing with ASOS online. To send a return to ASOS, simply contact the ASOS customer service to get a returns slip.