SAAS: 0870 280 7773

Use the SAAS contact number to get in touch with Student Awards Agency for Scotland. When you call the SAAS phone number you will be able to speak to the SAAS about your student benefits. The SAAS helpline is open between 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Thursday and on Fridays between 8:30am to 4:30pm.

SAAS Contact Number
0870 280 7773

For Scotland residents who are interested in furthering their education, the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) may be the answer. Funded by the government, eligible individuals receive money to continue their education. Award recipients tend to be individuals who receive certain benefits, such as disability living allowance, or those from poor backgrounds. While the criteria through which they are judged is fairly open, a number of people have reported feeling as if they were being treated unfairly by the organisation. Fortunately, the SAAS contact number can be used to clear up most issues rather quickly, as well as overturn a decision, in some cases.

SAAS Contact for Support

As a vital organisation for many Scotland residents, it’s easy to see why the SAAS phone number would be one of the most searched for. Similar to most education based hotlines, their call centres are able to deal with a significant volume of incoming calls. Calls are answered Monday through Thursday, between the hours of 8:30am to 5:00pm, and on Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. A video relay interpreting service is available for those who are hearing impaired. Note that for calls that are related to a specific application, you will need to provide the reference number for that application in order to receive information.

In addition to the SAAS number, email, post, and in-person visits are ways to get help. Emails can be sent from the SAAS website. Sending an email is a three step process that requires you to supply your email address, select a topic that is relevant to your query, and then complete the form by providing information regarding your question or request. Information is available via social media on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Responsibilities of SAAS

  • Distribute Discretionary Funds to colleges and universities in Scotland.
  • Provide data and resource to the Student Loan Company for the payment of student loans.
  • Handle the Students’ Allowance Scheme, the Nursing and Midwifery Students Bursary Scheme (NMSB), the Postgraduate Students’ Allowance Scheme (PSAS), and applications for student loans.
  • Maintain a register of charities offering educational endowments.
  • Work with the Scottish Government Health Directories to develop and deliver NHS Bursaries aimed at certain groups, such as students studying dentistry.
  • Assist learners through the Individual Learning Accounts Scotland (ILAS) scheme, which is administered with Skills Development Scotland.

How to Apply

First, if you are a potential full-time undergraduate student who has never applied for funding in the past, select First Application. Any full-time undergraduate student who has previously applied for funds should read the ‘Applied Before’ section. If you are the parent, partner, or spouse of a full-time undergraduate student, there may be additional information needed from you. Contact SAAS to find out what is required. Nursing/ midwifery students should select the option that pertains to you on how to apply for funding.

Part-time and full-time postgraduate students can learn how to download applications for disabled students’ allowance and tuition free loans in the Postgraduate area. EU nationals who intend to apply for funding to study at a Scottish college/university should read the EU nationals section. Any students who plan to take part in a part-time undergraduate course can also find details of how to apply for a tuition free grant by calling the SAAS contact number. If you have a learning or physical disability, you can find information on how to file a claim for specific extra expenses which may arise because you are on a course in the Disabled student section.

Updating Information

If you have a change in circumstances, such as those listed below, you must notify SAAS.

  • Physical Address
  • Personal Details
  • Change of School or Course
  • Bank Details

Log onto to your SAAS online account to make changes to information or call SAAS phone number. You may send an email or call if you want to amend or cancel an existing application, or have an enquiry about SAAS online services. You can also enquire about disabled students’ allowance, lone parent grant, part-time fee grant, migrant worker, nursing/midwifery, or postgraduate study.

Information for Parents

Funding for everything except the following is dependent upon a student’s household income, and in most cases this includes the income of one or both parents.

  • Tuition fees in Scotland
  • Tuition fee loans outside of Scotland
  • The Disabled Students’ Allowance
  • Non-income assessed part of the student loan (£4,750)

Household income includes the student’s parents and/or step-parents and parent or partner’s gross income or taxable profit (if income from property or self-employed) for the previous financial year. In the event your child is married, in a civil partnership, or living with a partner, SAAS will use the income of their spouse, civil partner, or partner. SAAS contact is recommended for applicants who will have parental income included in their application.