Royal Sun Alliance: 1403 232 323

Customers can dial the Royal Sun Alliance contact number as shown here to enquire about personal or commercial insurance. The Royal Sun Alliance customer service team can answer questions regarding types of policies, rates, and assist with problems, claims, and more. To request a rate quote, contact RSA. To reach a live agent, call the Royal Sun Alliance phone number Monday through Friday, between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Royal Sun Alliance Contact Number
1403 232 323

RSA is one of the world’s longest standing general insurers. The company offers various types of personal insurance, such as home, vehicles, pets, and for valuables. The company also offers coverage for commercial interests, including options for businesses and business owners. Also included are options for highly specialised and multi-national businesses. Information regarding any coverage type can be requested by calling the Royal Sun Alliance telephone number as shown here.

Customer Service

The RSA customer service team that is eager to help their customers with any complications that they may be experiencing at any given time. Customers can reach customer service several different ways such as making a phone call or sending an email. The RSA contact number is open to callers Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Social media is also a contact option that can be used to speak with an agent. To contact the company by post, correspondence can be sent to:

RSA Insurance Group plc
20 Fenchurch Street
London EC3M 3AU
United Kingdom

Products & Services

RSA offers personal insurance for their customers along with many other different insurance plans. For rate quotes, call the RSA telephone number as shown here. Personal insurance allows customers to protect the things that matter to them the most in life such as prizes possessions. RSA provides their customers with insurance that is award winning and has been for several years as of now including personal insurance. RSA designs their different insurance policies with consumer feedback in mind which allows them to make better products for customers to choose from. Customers have a huge impact on RSA and it definitely shows as the insurance company has only grown larger and more successful.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance is another product that RSA offers to their fateful customers. Commercial insurance is for those with businesses of any size. RSA’s commercial insurance helps customers reach their dreams as their insurance was designed with businesses in mind. RSA provides customers with all of the benefits of regular commercial insurance and also includes bonus offers such as programs tailored to each customer’s specific needs within their personal business. Commercial insurance is such an important thing for new business owners as it covers any liabilities including those having to do with property, travel, and health. This insurance is sure to help those just starting their businesses.

Making a Claim

Customers never like having to file a claim with their insurance company, but at times it is absolutely necessary to do so. If you do end up having to make a claim RSA makes it easy for their customers. They do allow you to submit a claim online or by calling the RSA phone number. You can also feel confident knowing that RSA has claims representatives available 24 hours seven days a week if you ever need to submit a claim. You should also be assured that the claims representatives are extremely knowledgeable within their field and are ready at any given moment to help customers that need help submitting a claim.

Problems & Complaints

If a customer decides they need to submit a complaint they should first reach out to RSA customer service representatives as they more than likely can help those having a problem. Submitting complaints can help the company find out what they can do better, so customers should not be afraid to submit a complaint. Submitting complaints makes the company better as a whole if they know what customers are having problems with. Complaints are generally responded to within a few hours up to a few days at the very most. Customers should also know that their complaints are taken seriously.