Road Tax Refund: 0300 790 6802

Individuals should call the Road Tax Refund contact number if they need information regarding making a payment, canceling vehicle tax, requesting a refund, returning a refund, answers to questions and concerns, leaving a comment, filing a complaint and more. Other services and information available to individuals by contacting Road Tax Refund customer service includes the laws and legalities of operating motor vehicles within the UK. For support, call the Road Tax Refund contact number Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm, or Saturday, 8am to 2pm.

Road Tax Refund Contact Number
0300 790 6802

Road Tax Refund is a part of the DVLA in the UK and can help you get a refund when you cancel your vehicle tax. They can assist you if you sell or transfer your vehicle, scrap it, if it is stolen, and more. If your auto has been taken off the road, then you should apply for Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) because you may be entitled to a refund. You may choose to have your refund mailed or direct deposited into your bank account. For more information, call the Road Tax Refund telephone number.

Customer Service

The DVLA customer service department can be contacted via phone, post, social media, and email. To phone in an enquiry, dial the DVLA telephone number as shown here. For email, make use of the contact form that is provided on the website. Drivers and vehicle owners can reach out on social media, but should exercise caution when discussing matters that involve private information. The Road Tax Refund contact number can be called 24-hours a day for automated tasks. To speak with an agent, call Monday to Friday, 8am to 7pm, or Saturday, 8am to 2pm.

To send correspondence via post, use address:

Vehicle Customer Services
SA99 1AR

Vehicle Tax

There is only one way in which drivers can cancel their vehicle tax and get a refund. This is by calling the DVLA customer serviced division and the driver stating that they either no longer are in possession of the vehicle or that it is no longer being used on the road. When a driver does this they will receive any remaining tax left on their car. The DVLA is very knowledgeable in this field and can easily help drivers with anything related to canceling their road tax. The DVLA is known for very quickly canceling road tax for people, which will help with timely refund processing.

SORN Certification

Drivers registering their vehicle as SORN should be very pleased to know that the process of doing so is very easy and not complicated. The driver gets to choose the day in which their car is officially is classified as SORN. Drivers can do this immediately or at the beginning of any given month. You can file SORN by post, online, or by calling the Road Tax Refund customer service department. Drivers have several different options as to which decision is best for them. Each form that is required to apply for SORN is easy to understand and fill out, unlike other forms.

Problems & Complaints

If drivers have complaints or problems they should start the process to make a formal complaint against the DVLA. This ensures that the driver’s complaint will actually be seen as it will be escalated to the correct department such as customer service. Drivers should not be afraid to formally file a complaint if their problem has not been resolved. Problems commonly occur, so drivers should not hesitate to contact DVLA when necessary. The Road Tax Refund contact details provided here can be used to reach out for help.