Review of ASOS Size Guides and Care Instructions


ASOS is a global British online fashion store that also sells beauty products. They mainly target young adults with their designs and sell over 800 brand-name clothing items. This beauty and clothing retailer carries menswear, women wear, foot wear, accessories, jewelry, and beauty products. Ordering through the ASOS contact number or online is easy with their extensive size guides and taking care of the clothing you purchase will be easy with their extensive care instructions.

Women’s Wear Size Guide

When purchasing clothing from ASOS in their women’s wear section, you can use their conversion size guide to find the size you need in UK, European, US, and Australia sizes. The sizes listed in their online catalog are listed in UK sizes and using the conversion size guide you can determine which size it would convert to in the size charts of the United States, Europe, and Australia. For example; if the dress you’ve selected is listed as a size 4, it would be a size 32 in Europe, 1 in the United States and in Australia it would be a size 4. This chart begins with the size 4 in the UK and runs through 26; this converts to size 32 in Europe through size 54, size 1 in the United States through size 22, and size 4 is Australia through size 26.

Other Size Guides

In women’s wear, ASOS also has complete size guide conversions from centimeters to inches for bust, waist, and hip measurements. There is also a guide for dual sizes such as; extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large. Maternity clothing is also on a size guide conversion from centimeters to inches in the bust, waist, and hips and for pant lengths their conversions run from short to regular too long, again converting sizes as well as from centimeters to inches.

Other women’s clothing includes; petite sizes, dual sized swim wear, bras, hosiery, and footwear. The conversion guides provide you with instructions on how to determine your size if you are unsure which will fit you the best. The chart shows how to measure the different areas of your body and how and also includes a separate chart on how to measure if you are pregnant. ASOS customer service is available to help if you have questions about sizing.

Menswear Size Guide

When purchasing men’s shirts, knitwear, casual jackets, and tops, ASOS also provides customers with an extensive size guide conversion chart just as that with women’s wear. They convert to the same countries and also from centimeters and inches. There are also conversions for jeans, trousers, swim wear, underwear, smart shirts, smart jackets, waist coats, belts, hats, and footwear. ASOS also includes instructions on the men’s section for measuring which size you will need to obtain a perfect fit.

ASOS Care Instructions

When you make a purchase through ASOS and attain that perfect fit; you also want to provide the best care for your garment. ASOS provides a complete chart with symbols and instructions on how to wash the items according to garment labels. Some clothing can be machine-washed and it lists the temperature you should use as well as the amount of agitation you should use during the wash cycle. There are some that need hand-washing, others cannot have bleach, some require only oxygen/non-chlorine bleach, and others cannot be washed at all.

They also include complete drying instructions and various methods you need to follow for the different markings found on labels. Ironing instructions and dry-cleaning requirements are explained as well as a list of do’s and don’ts to further inform consumers how to care for items purchased through their site. ASOS contact is highly recommended if you have any questions about how to care for clothing purchase through the site.