Reporting Driver’s Licence Problems to the DVLA


People who have problems with lost, stolen, or damaged driver’s licenses are going to have to contact the DVLA. People need to have valid and current driver’s licenses that have legible signatures and recognizable photos in order to legally operate motor vehicles in the United Kingdom. People who do not have this identification on them are taking a risk every time they get into a car and drive. Knowing the right DVLA options can make all the difference for drivers who are trying to stay safe.

Getting a Police Report Filed: The police should be informed about a stolen driver’s license, and even a missing driver’s license may be something that they should know about right away. It is possible for a person to commit identity theft using a stolen driver’s license, and getting a missing or stolen driver’s license reported can help prevent a wide range of different crimes. The police should also ideally have the missing license on file while people are going through the process of replacing their driver’s licenses.

Staying Off the Road: Even if the police know about one’s driver’s license getting lost or stolen or even if the DVLA is replacing the driver’s license in question, people are still technically going to be operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license if they try to drive under these conditions. It is still not legal to do so, and people will still risk getting fined if they try. People will be uninsured drivers if they drive under these conditions. They are also risking a situation where their cars will get towed and impounded since proper identification is essential under those circumstances.

Getting a New Driver’s License: People who are in this situation need to get a new driver’s license as quickly as possible. People can contact the DVLA and complete all of the necessary steps online. Often times, the people who complete this step will be able to get a temporary license issued to them, so they will be able to drive before their more official license is sent to them. The replacement driver’s license is going to cost people regardless of the reasons why they lost their initial driver’s license. People will receive their new, formal replacement licenses in the mail thirty days or so after completing this part of the process online. A quick phone call to the DVLA can help people clear up any questions that they might have.

As frustrating as filing a police report and getting a replacement driver’s license might be, people are still going to manage to avoid a lot of problems in the process. A quick call to the DVLA contact number and a police report are ultimately going to be easier.