Reporting Changes that Impact HMRC Child Benefit


It is imperative for you to tell HM Revenue and the Child Benefit office about any changes that take place in your family life. Failing to do so can lead to potential problems such as not getting the money that you are entitled to. There is also a strong possibility that you may receive more money than you are entitled to. In this instance, you will be required to repay any money that you received.

Information for Application

It is important for you to remember that the benefit comes to an end on 31 August on or after your child’s sixteenth birthday if they leave formally approved training or education. You are required to call the National Insurance number and connect with a benefits agent if your child enrolls in or remains enrolled in education or training. You are also required to tell them if your child leaves training or education after it has been reported that they were enrolled.

Here are some other matters that should be disclosed to HM Revenue and Customs:

  • The child will live away from your residence for eight weeks in a row or more than 56 days in a sixteen week period
  • The child will work on a paying job for twenty-four hours a week or more
  • He or she moves to or from Northern Ireland
  • He or she will go abroad permanently, or for more than twelve weeks
  • The child will be in professional residential care or hospital for more than twelve weeks
  • The child goes missing
  • Any changes are made to their birth name
  • The child is imprisoned for more than eight weeks
  • He or she gets married, creates a civil partnership, or begins to live with a partner
  • The child starts getting tax credits, Universal Credit, Income Support, Incapacity Benefit, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and/or Support Allowance

Changes within Your Family

Please be aware that a change in your family will have an impact on your benefits. You (as the parent or custodial guardian) must call the Child Benefit number if:

  • You enter a new relationship (you remarry or move in with a new partner)
  • A relationship comes to an end
  • Your name, address, or bank account changes
  • The child’s parent passes away
  • You have plans to go abroad for more than eight weeks
  • You move to or from Northern Ireland
  • A change takes place with your immigration status
  • A baby, or a minor comes to live at your residence
  • You or your partner has intentions to move abroad or for more than one full year
  • You receive a stiff prison sentence of more than eight weeks
  • You forfeit the official right to live in The United Kingdom
  • Your immigration status changes
  • You are compensated for looking after a kid by a local council or similar
  • Contributions or payments for a kid who doesn’t live with you stop or changes

Please notify the office of any other changes that take place in your family life. You are required to make note of the dates of changes.

There are several options available for reporting changes, including phone, mail, online, and email. Calling the HMRC contact number tends to be the easiest option. Phoning them will ensure that they have received the updated information and that you have complied with your obligation to report changes to your circumstances.