RCI Finance: 0870 218 3634

Call the RCI Finance contact number for information on insurance rates or setting up a new account. Individuals should also contact RCI Finance customer service if they need help with managing their existing account or making a payment. The RCI Finance phone number is open to callers 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

RCI Finance Contact Number
0870 218 3634

RCI Finance provides finance protection that is designed to give Renault owners a peace of mind. RCI Finance has an exceptional reputation when it comes to providing excellent services to their customers. Many Renault owners turn to this company to get GAP Insurance and affordable premiums. Key cover is another form of coverage provided by this company. Key cover protects one’s keys from loss and theft. Contract hire maintenance is another special feature that attracts many Renault owners to RCI Finance. This gives vehicle owners an opportunity to make one payment for all costs associated with the maintenance program.

RCI Finance: 0870 280 6763

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6763
Make A Complaint0344 335 0000
International Number+44 344 335 0000

Customer Service

RCI Finance is a company in the UK offering personal and business finance products, used autos, and new auto sales and leases and solutions, auto insurance, contract hire maintenance services, online finance, client personal account online and much more. If you are looking to purchase or lease a new or used auto, call the RCI Finance contact number for assistance. Their customer service staff are award winning and invite clients to contact them by email at: customerservices@rcibanque.com, or by regular mail in writing at: Egale House, 78 St Albans Road, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD17 1AF, or by filling out a short contact form on the website.

Finance Options

Call the RCI Finance phone number for a complete list of finance options. Clients may choose from a wide array of finance options in person at their office or online. Personal financing options include flexible payments, monthly payments, end of contract options, transferred ownership and more. Business finance options include lease finance, lease purchase hire purchase and contract hire.You can book a test drive for used or new autos, set up your personal online account, request quotes online, request brochures and much more. You will find that options for buying or leasing an auto here is quite simple, easy, and affordable too. Shop for a new or used auto right from the comfort of your own home.

RCI Insurance

Auto insurance products and services include insurance for both new and used autos, online quotes, car tax calculators, latest auto offers, sales, leases, purchase warranties, purchase extended warranties, customize an insurance policy tailored to your needs and more. Annual insurance policies are available and you may purchase the insurance online. A wide array of payment options are available all services are complete guaranteed. You can get your auto and insurance all in one convenient place to help you save both time and money. Quotes and claims can be handled by calling the RCI Finance customer services team.

Account Management

Clients are invited to set up their own online personal accounts, manage agreements about financing and banking, auto loans and leases all online.You can update your personal details, make your payments, access special offers, mobile app management for managing agreements, and more. Get alerts sent directly to your phone. Activate your account and manage it by using he app. You can pay your bill without ever having to leave your home or office. Their online account management for clients offers so much convenience. For help with account management, dial the RCI Finance telephone number and speak with an agent.

Problems & Complaints

This company has an award winning customer service department and handles complaints and problems fast and promptly in a friendly and professional manner. They want to ensure that all clients are completely happy and satisfied. They have expert staff to resolve any issues. Clients can send regular mail, submit their complaints using the online contact form. You may also receive assistance by phone, submit your feedback, comments, and issues all by phone as well. They have professional financing specialists to work out the best deals because they place all clients a the top of the list. They want to keep problems away and keep their loyal clients coming back day after day. To file a formal complaint, contact RCI Finance.