RBS: 0870 218 1184

Dial the RBS contact number to speak with a RBS customer service specialist. Representatives can provide assistance with all banking related matters, including new accounts, making changes to current accounts, account security, banking tasks, lost or stolen cards, and much more. The RBS phone number is a 24/7 contact number for current and prospective customers. 

RBS Contact Number
0870 218 1184

A subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland Plc, RBS is a well-known presence on high streets, with around 700 branches spread across Wales, Scotland and England. The bank has a history dating back to the 1700s, and today, has a firmly established place in the banking industry. Thousands of customers find a need to contact the RBS customer service team. The contact number that we have provided can be used to connect with a representative of the company.

RBS: 0870 280 5594

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5594
Make A Complaint0118 373 2181
International Number+44 118 373 2181

RBS Contact Information

Anyone calling the RBS contact number is given the opportunity to speak directly to a customer adviser. Support agents can help those who are experiencing problems with their online banking login or have questions about an account transaction. It is far more efficient to use the telephone and online banking systems than traditional banking services as the RBS phone number is open for business calls 24/7.

Like many other automated banking systems, the Royal Bank of Scotland phone number offers customers a series of options which they can select by pressing a number on their telephone keypad. For payments, transfers, balances and statements, customers should choose option 1 while those who have a different type of enquiry should press option 2 to be connected to a helpful operative.

RBS offer a number of innovative ways by which customers can get in touch. There is the ability to ask questions on the bank website. There also exists a peer to peer forum and a live Twitter account which customers can use to gain assistance. For those who have a formal complaint to make or have a complex enquiry, a letter can even be sent to the company’s head office. The mailing address for complaints is as follows: Customer Relations Manager – The Royal Bank of Scotland, Freepost, PO Box 594, Chatham, ME4 9DP.

RBS Services

The RBS account portfolio is quite extensive and is comprised of a range of products to suit the needs of a wide variety of customers. Some of their most popular products include a number of current accounts including the Select, Select Silver, and the Select Platinum Accounts, as well as the Black Account. The breadth of choice ensures plenty of financial options for millions of customers all over the UK. These current accounts boast a number of added bonus features including private benefits and travel and lifestyle protection. All this means that there are plenty of reasons why customers have a need to speak to a RBS customer service agent.

Account Management

RBS customers are able to take advantage of numerous ways of handling their account. Balances can be checked quickly at any ATM while digital banking is on offer for any customer who registers for it. There is no fee for registering and it is quick and easy to do by completing some personal details on the bank’s website. For any further information, customers can call the RBS contact number.

For those who have registered, mobile banking is also an option. The RBS app is available for free download from your phone’s app store and allows customers to access a number of banking options while on the move. The RBS app can be found for all major types of smartphones including iPhone and iPads, Android handsets, Windows phones and Blackberry devices. If customers experience difficulties with either downloading or using the app, RBS contact is recommended.

RBS Insurance Products

RBS has recognised the competitive nature of the insurance marketplace, with competitors such as Nationwide, Santander, Halifax and Lloyds Bank all offering affordable insurance options. As such, the bank now provides their own insurance products to meet the varied needs of customers. They offer home insurance with coverage for buildings, contents or combined policies. The also offer specialised policies for students and tenants. If you have already purchased insurance coverage and need to open a new claim, contact RBS customer services.

Reporting Stolen or Lost Bank Cards

Anyone who thinks that their RBS bank card may have been lost or stolen should immediately call the RBS phone number. The telephone helpline can be contacted 24-hours a day and the customer service team are able to immediately put into place all the necessary data protection systems while arranging for a brand new card to be posted out to the cardholder within 5 working days. It is important to make an immediate report in order to lock spending on the card and prevent it from being used by anyone other than yourself.

Should customers suspect that they may have been the victim of fraudulent activity they are advised to call the RBS helpline and speak with a customer service operative who can offer advice about the necessary steps to take in order to secure your finances. For those who would prefer a face to face encounter, it is also possible to speak to members of Royal Bank of Scotland staff at a local branch. There no need to make an appointment in advance. You can simply contact RBS to find your nearest branch location.