RAC: 0870 218 5198

When calling the RAC contact number as shown here, callers will be placed in touch with the RAC customer service department. Agents can provide information about products (including rate quotes), help you to make a claim, dispatch someone to help if you have broken down, and provide assistance with billing and accounts. Breakdowns can be reported 24/7 by calling the RAC phone number. For general enquiries, call between 8am and 10pm, Monday to Friday, or from 9am to 5pm on weekends.

RAC Contact Number
0870 218 5198

Founded in 1897, the RAC first introduced uniformed patrols to the company in the early 1900s. Today, the RAC has more than 7 million members, both corporate clients and private consumers, making it one of the top motoring organizations in the UK. Members have access to a wide array of motor services and products, including legal and travel advice, as well as roadside assistance. Headquartered in Birmingham, the company has more than 400 employees. The RAC breakdown number is open for incoming calls at all times.

RAC: 0870 280 5514

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5514
Make A Complaint0800 015 6000
International Number+44 800 015 6000

RAC Customer Service

It goes without saying that the majority of calls made to RAC involve a breakdown, so agents are more than adept at dispatching a trained mechanic as quickly as possible. With such a large number of customers, the RAC customer services agents are well versed in dealing with all types of issues, from customers who used the wrong fuel to those customers that need complete servicing. The breakdown line can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. RAC customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 7am to 10pm, Saturday from 8am to 8pm, Sunday from 9am to 7pm, and bank holidays from 8am to 5pm.

Any emails pertaining to breakdowns should be sent to – breakdowncustomercare@rac.co.uk, while administration and sales emails should be directed to – membershipcustomercare@rac.co.uk. General enquiries can also be delivered via post to: RAC Motoring Services, Great Park Road, Bradley Stoke, Bristol, BS32 4QN. Social media is a contact option, but should not be considered such if you need to report a breakdown. Social media is a suitable option for general assistance and questions about rates and services.

RAC Services

Breakdown Cover: Options include vehicle cover (covers the name vehicle regardless of who the driver is) and personal cover (covers you in a vehicle, as either the passenger or driver).

Car Insurance: In order to find the best deal on car insurance, RAC searches though a panel of insurers. RAC was named the top online motor insurance provider at the Your Money awards in 2013. The RAC contact number should be called for rate information.

Temporary Car Insurance: This allows you to get pay by the day insurance that lasts from 1 to 28 days. Available for both cars and vans, comprehensive coverage starts immediately. RAC customer services can set you up with temporary insurance whenever you need it.

Home Insurance: Home insurance provides a number of benefits which are designed to protect your home from unexpected accidents.

Pet Insurance: The company can help make certain your pet is always taken care of by offering cover for pet-related expenses.

Travel Insurance: RAC travel insurance policies cover elements such as cancellation cover, medical expenses, loss of passport or money, and £1 million or more personal liability cover. Call the RAC phone number for a quote.

Personal Accident Insurance: While you don’t plan to get injured, it does happen, which is what personal accident cover is designed for.

Additional Services

On their website, RAC offers a variety of service, including route-planning services and up to the minute travel and traffic information. Although these services were very valuable in the past, map apps on smartphones and satellite navigation have made these services much less necessary in today’s world. For now, RAC contact is still an option for accessing these services.

In addition to roadside recovery service, RAC offers vehicle checks and examinations, a package designed for those planning to buy a used car. The company runs checks to determine if the car has outstanding finance repayments on it or has been written off or stolen. This not only offers buyers peace of mind, but also ensures anyone purchasing a used vehicle doesn’t suffer down the road due to the actions of past owners. Call the RAC breakdown phone number to schedule an appointment.

RAC Complaints

One of the most common complaints against RAC involves the service received from roadside mechanics. In rare circumstances, mechanics have been unable to repair minor problems or have inadvertently caused further damage while attempting repairs. In instances where the company is definitely at fault, RAC breakdown contact is recommended. The company always sides with the customer and compensation offers may be discussed.

However, in matters that are less cut and dry, such as when an owner believes their car has been towed for repairs they think the RAC mechanic should have made themselves, reaching an acceptable resolution may be more difficult. They are covered by the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), which works to make certain complaints are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. In the event a complaint cannot be resolved from RAC’s side, you are entitled to refer to FOS to have your dispute resolved. Call the RAC breakdown number to escalate a complaint.