Plusnet: 0870 280 5513

Dial the Plunet contact number to get connected to a Plusnet customer service agent that will be able to assist with your Plusnet broadband or phone account or to sign you up to Plusnet if you would rather do it over the phone. The Plusnet phone number is open for calls between the hours of 8:00am to 9:00pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am to 9:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Plusnet Contact Number
0870 280 5513

Plusnet is an internet service provider that currently offers their services to nearly a million households. Founded in 1997, the company has continued to expand to offer a wide variety of essential services, including broadband internet, fibre optic broadband, and home phone. The services that they provide are available in two forms, which include package deals or standalone services, each of which offer completely unlimited usage. Plusnet contact is recommended for those who need to speak with a customer service agent.

Plusnet Customer Service

The customer support team is dedicated to answering questions and providing assistance when it is needed. After winning several industry awards, the company has positioned itself to be the best the UK. Therefore, when anyone has a problem, concern, or issue that they want to address, they can dial Plusnet phone number to receive an appropriate response. Further, if anyone has a question about the services that the company provides, the sales team can be reach during the following hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 pm, or 9 am to 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

In addition to contacting Plusnet support by phone, there are other alternatives available, which include email support and social media forums. The company can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and other similar websites. Online FAQs have also been posted to respond to common and recurrent issues of concern. The address for the head office is also posted on the site for those who need to send customer service requests in writing. Sending standard mail by way of post is often reserved for filing a formal complaint. The contact number listed here can be called to request information about the official complaints process.

Plusnet Contact Number for Services

Presently, 80% of the company’s residential customers can take advantage of the lowest deals offered by simply being located in specified service areas. Those who live outside of these areas may pay a little bit more for services. To ensure customers can make an informed decision, pricing information can be obtained by ringing the Plusnet number posted here and asking an agent for a rate quote. Currently, there are three different primary broadband packages that people can make their selection from. Information regarding these can be found online, or by calling the Plusnet customer service number.

Plusnet internet service plans include:

Fibre Broadband and Phone: Fibre broadband and home phone service comes with unlimited broadband services with download speeds up to 38mbs and upload speeds up to 1.9mb. For those who want to increase their speeds to 76mbs and 19.5mb respectively, they can pay a higher rate for the unlimited fibre extra option. Both packages are available with free calls and line rental. Also for an additional premium upgrade, Plusnet customers can also take advantage of evening and weekend calls.

Broadband and Phone: If a customer does not want the full fibre broadband package, they may want to pay for the standard unlimited fibre as their preferred choice. This package is available free for the first 12 months, after which a price of £9.99 will be charged per month. Similar to the previous offer, it has weekend and evening calls or anytime calls for the price of £3 and £6 respectively. Contact Plusnet if you are interested in adding any of the optional add-on services.

Broadband Only: Broadband alone does not require a package price since it is a standalone offer. With this deal, the customer will have unlimited, unlimited fibre and unlimited fibre extra. The Plusnet telephone number listed here can be used to call and ask for the most current rates for stand-alone services.

Plusnet Helpline for Problems

For any questions that current customers may have, they can contact the company’s billing specialists. Plusnet customer services will assist with payment processing and address any outstanding issues that need to be resolved with an account. In addition to receiving help from a live operator, online accounts can be self-managed by the customer themselves. Additional customer services provided include troubleshooting, tracking of equipment shipments, and fault reporting.

There are many different reasons for Plusnet contact. Thankfully, the company has provided a variety of contact methods which can be used to address problems and concerns. From upgrading services to another package, to making a call about technical support, Plusnet customer service can help. In situations where there is a dispute over a past inquiry, the company has the data available that includes the date, time and duration of the call. Any and all complaints should be directed to Plusnet support.