Pension Credit: 0870 218 5102

By calling the Pension Credit contact number shown here, callers will be connected with Pension Credit customer service. Agents can provide assistance with credit estimates, eligibility requirements, applying for funds, payments, and more. Call the Pension Credit phone number Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8am and 6pm. 

Pension Credit Contact Number
0870 218 5102

Pension Credit is a UK-based income-related benefit that is made up of 2 parts – Guarantee Credit and Savings Credit. Guarantee Credit adds funds to your weekly income if it’s below a certain level, while Savings Credit is an additional payment for those who have saved money towards their retirement. To determine whether or not you are eligible to receive payments or to work out the amount that you may receive, call the Pension Credit telephone number as shown here. Pension Credit contact is recommended if you wish to submit a claim or appeal a claim rejection.

Pension Credit: 0870 280 6591

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6591
Make A Complaint0345 606 0265
International Number+44 345 606 0265