PDSA: 0870 218 5296

Individuals can dial the PDSA contact number to address matters concerning choosing the right pet for them and their family as well as determining whether or not they can qualify to have their pets seen by a qualified veterinarian. There is also a great deal of information provided from PDSA customer service concerning providing first aid for pets, something that every pet owner should know. Call the PDSA phone number Mondays to Fridays, 9am – 5pm to speak with a representative.

PDSA Contact Number
0870 218 5296

PDSA is an organization that is dedicated to helping pets by encouraging people to donate to participating veterinarian clinics. In addition, the organization helps individuals who are not able to financially care for their pet during a sudden illness or injury by allowing them to determine if they qualify for any type of assistance at a particular clinic. Individuals that have been to the site before may be donating regularly to the organization or volunteering. Anyone that is interested in doing either one can find out how to provide financial support or donate their time by calling the PDSA telephone number.

PDSA: 0870 280 5657

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5657
Make A Complaint0800 917 2509
International Number+44 800 917 2509