ParkingEye: 0870 218 1364

Dial the ParkingEye contact number if you have questions regarding business services or have received a fine and wish to know more about payments or appeals. The ParkingEye customer service department can be reached by dialing the ParkingEye phone number shown here between the hours of 9am and 6pm, 7 days a week. 

ParkingEye Contact Number
0870 218 1364

ParkingEye is now a major dealer of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) plates in the UK. It is a young company that was established in 2004, but currently holds over 40% of the market and has become a leader in the area of ANRP car park management. The company offers complete car park management solutions, and also includes full enforcement processing, 24-hours a day, throughout the year. To contact the company, dial the Parking Eye contact number that is shown here.

ParkingEye: 0870 280 7058

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 7058
Pay By Telephone0330 555 4444
Make A Complaint0177 245 0970
International Number+44 177 245 0970

Parking Eye Customer Service

The easiest way to reach the customer service team is to call the Parking Eye phone number. This contact number is available from 9am to 6pm each day. Email is also an option, using the provided online contact forms. Separate forms are provided for appeals, police, new business, and media/PR. To contact the company by post, send your mail to: ParkingEye Limited, PO Box 565, Chorley, PR6 6HT. Social media is not a suitable method of Parking Eye contact at this time.

You may have to contact Parking Eye for a wide range of reasons, whether you happen to be an existing customer, a potential customer, or a car-park consumer in a car park that is managed by the company. As a current customer, you may need to discuss your plan, or may be thinking about changing it. You may also want to call the Parking Eye telephone number to speak to consultants or the technical support team with regards to the software system, or to request additional information about a particular element of the service.

As a potential customer, you may want to call the Parking Eye customer service phone number to request information, set up a consultation, or ask about a price quote for the services offered by the company. As a car park end user, you may have to contact Parking Eye to make inquiries about a bill, challenge a charge, or locate additional billing details.

Business Services

ParkingEye offers a complete package of solutions for independent management of car parks and automobile storage locations. When calling the Parking Eye phone number, prospective clients can learn about all of the options available. These solutions depend on the set up of number-plate identification video cameras into the car park, and can be modified to permit Pay and Display, cost-free parking periods, parking permits and client loyalty plans, all directed through a core computer system which the client has total control over.

The computer program utilized is web-based, operating as a back-office suite, which is entirely configurable to accommodate the customer’s requirements. It is offered either on its own, or as an entirely managed program, which would clear away all accountability and worry from the customer and put the management task solely in the control of ParkingEye, with backup coming from Parking Eye customer service.

Ticketing & Payments

Each car park ticketing and settlement system is fully managed and backed by an appeals procedure that is designed to guarantee fairness and safeguard the standing of the client. The typical response time with regards to Parking Eye complaints, appeals and administration is three business days, including a complete DVLA contact. A supplemental service offered is the capability to view live feeds of car park utilization on your computer, access data on typical length of stay, turnover, parking earnings, and more.

If you have received a fine and need to submit a payment, this can be completed on the ParkingEye website. A secure online system is in place that will allow you to submit payment using a debit card or credit card. You can also opt to call the Parking Eye contact number to use the automated system to pay a fine. Note that fines coming from ParkingEye are not the same as parking tickets that are received from local authorities. You will need to contact the local police department to find out where and how to pay the cost of a ticket that you have received.

Fine Appeals

If you have received a charge notice and wish to appeal, it is very important that you submit your appeal information as soon as possible. If you miss a deadline for appealing, your only recourse may be to escalate the matter in court. Although ParkingEye is technically a private company, legislation exists that provides them with certain rights to obtain your personal details and to demand the name of the driver. Call the Parking Eye phone number to learn more about the appeals process, or email: