Overview of Three All You Can Eat Data Plans


If you primarily use your mobile device to connect to the internet, Three does have a type of service plan for you. The company’s “all you can eat” data plans provide completely unlimited data that can be used for any purpose. Whether you want to spend lots of time on social media, use your device to work, or plan to stream lots of content – there are no limits. What about minutes and texts? And what are the costs? Read on to find out.

Right now, this type of service plan starts at £20 per month. Do call Three customer service to confirm the most current rates. The £20 plan provides a total of 200 calling minutes. If you exceed this limit, calls cost 35p per minute. Texts are also unlimited, but there is a charge of 17.4p for each picture text and 25.2p for each international text. Up to 30GB of your data can be used to create a personal hotspot within the UK each month. Note that there is a £5 monthly discount for setting up recurring payments, so each plan may cost more if you choose not to do this.

The aforementioned plan requires the customer to agree to a 12-month contract. Those who want that plan, but do not want an extended contract can select a 1-month option at a slightly higher rate of £23 a month. Three phone support is available if you have questions about these two options, or if you want to change from a month to month plan to a contract plan to save money. This can be done at any time, with the new rate being applied to the next billing statement.

The second tier plan costs £25 when a 12-month contract is agreed to or £28 for a one month. This plan includes unlimited data and unlimited texts. The same extra text rates and phone rates as the first plan do still apply. The primary difference is that 600 calling minutes are provided, rather than 200. Clearly, this will be the better option for those who like to make more calls and would like to avoid possibly going over their limit and having to pay the per-minute rates.

The top tier plan costs £30 with a year-long contract, or £33 for a month. Again, everything is the same as the other plans, except for the calling minutes, which are unlimited. This plan provides it all, with no limits. However, there are still charges for picture messages and international texts. These charges will appear on your billing statement if you choose to use those features.

The “all you can eat” data plans are just one option that is available to Three customers. There are several other options that included capped data limits. These start as low as 500 MB and go up to 30 GB. There are many different options for calls and texts as well. If you simply want the best deal for the money that you have to spend, call the Three customer service number and speak with an agent who can make recommendations for your budget.