Overview of Sky+, Sky Q, and Sky Go


For Sky television subscribers, there is now more than one way to watch their favorite TV shows, movies, documentaries, and sports programs. In fact, there are some services that make it possible for subscribers to watch from anywhere using a tablet or smartphone. Other great services, such as recording programs, on demand programs, and pausing live TV, are also available. If you are a Sky television subscriber or are considering becoming one, here is a quick look at what your viewing options are.

Sky+ comes with every TV bundle. It offers a smart series link, which you can use to make absolutely certain you never miss one of your favorite shows. It also allows you to search through programming suggestions and options, which offers recommendations on what programs you and your family may like, depending on what you have watched in the past. Sky+ also comes with on demand viewing, which gives you the chance to choose from a huge array of movies, shows, and box sets to watch when it is convenient for you. Best of all, by using the Sky+ app, you can watch programs and movies on your mobile device regardless of where you are.

With Sky Q, you get everything discussed above, but with a device that is a tad more advanced technologically. The hub gives you the opportunity to hookup anywhere there is internet connectivity. It also gives you ultra HD viewing, using allows anyone with a newer generation TV to take advantage of the latest technology. Sky Broadband alters Sky Q boxes into Wi-Fi hotspots, which is definitely beneficial. This service also allows you to watch recordings in any room equipped with a Sky Q hub. Plus, you can stop a show in one room and pick up watching it in another room. At the present time, Sky Q is the best option available.

Sky Go gives you the ability to watch your programs from anywhere, using an internet connected to your mobile device. This means that laptops, smartphones, and tablets can be used to watch your programs at home or away from home. This is a service provided to every Sky subscriber, regardless of which bundle you choose. To use this service, you will need to create a Sky ID at no cost. If you experience problems creating an ID, logging into the service, or watching programs via Sky Go, simply contact Sky customer service.

Sky provides a variety of TV bundles, including those directed at sports fans, movie fans, and those who simply want to watch family programming. Due to there being so many options to select from, as well as multiple price ranges to choose from, you may want to contact Sky for additional information before making your final decision. Customer service agents can provide you with the information you need about each service package, as well as any special deals that are being offered.