Overview of Available Vodafone Smartphone Options


When ordering a new service, Vodafone gives you an option to purchase a new device. Although some customers decide to stick to their old devices, for many it can be a great way of upgrading their current mobile phone or tablet. The pricing depends on your choice of the device and the plan that you choose with Vodafone, but considering that you get several different payment options for devices such as Samsung Galaxy or iPhones, upgrading your current mobile phone seems like a great deal.

The easiest way of paying is handing the money upfront when you sign up for a plan with Vodafone. That’s perfect for those who don’t want to make any types of long-term payments. When choosing the type of contract, bear in mind that a prepaid device has a different price than that which comes with a contract. Some of the phones may be available at significantly discounted rates or even at no cost to new customers. All the details are available either on the company website or for those who want to make sure of the accuracy, via phone contact with a Vodafone customer service representative.

Qualified buyers can be offered different financing methods. The most popular are monthly payments, which are due together with the service fees. The number of installments depends on the total worth of the chosen mobile device. The whole cost will be given to the potential buyers upfront, before the transaction, including any possible interest rates.

If your device is to be shipped to you, it may require a down payment on your part. Depending on the chosen model, the amount may range from a few pounds up to even a few hundred for the newest iPad. From time to time, Vodafone will offer discounts and sales of the devices. Do check their offer frequently to see if you can save some money. The same applies to services. Simply check Vodafone website or call company customer service to learn all about the current deals.

If you are currently with another service provider and wish to switch over to Vodafone, talk to a representative at the local Vodafone store or call the customer service to transfer your phone number. You don’t have to purchase a new device when transferring your phone number, but as there are a lot of different models available, it may be a good idea to update your device, especially that you can find some great deals, and the company usually has the latest models in stock. Call one of the Vodafone customer service representatives or visit the company website to learn all about the newest devices available.