Overview of Amazon Registry: Wedding and Baby


Most people know that it’s a good idea to register at your favorite retail stores when you you’re getting married or having a baby. After all, for these special occasions, it’s nice to get the things you really want, instead of what someone else thinks you should have. But, did you know that Amazon has a registry, too? For those getting married or who are about to have a beautiful new baby, it only makes sense to register at the world’s largest online shopping site. It’s simple, it provides virtually endless choices, and you will be able to save your gift-giving friends and family a whole lot of time and money in the process.

How to Get Started

Just like any other store, you need to provide a little personal information so people can find you. This means hitting up their respective home pages and inputting a small amount of information. If you have questions about signing up, contact Amazon customer service. For weddings, you’ll enter: you and your partner’s name, and if they are a partner, bride or groom; your event date, location and number of guests; and add a few privacy options regarding who can see your registry and if you want coupons and updates.

For the baby registry, it’s just as simple. Just follow Amazon’s registry prompts and enter some basic information about you and your due date. There are fewer questions here due to the variances in how much information people want to divulge about their new baby, but it does allow for the upcoming parents to hand-type a personalized note for those viewing the registry.

After registration, you simply start added your wants and needs to the list. It’s really easy, and they even offer a “green” option in shipping, which means each gift will be shipped without wrapping paper so it doesn’t end up in a landfill. The Amazon contact number can be called if you need help with finding specific items that you wish to add to your list.

The Benefits

Aside from making it easy on you and your gift-givers, there are a number of benefits for registering through Amazon. When you sign up for the wedding registry, there are giveaways, contests and free items that can come as an added bonus. At this time, Amazon has paired with Lenox for a chance at an awesome free honeymoon vacation package, and some retailers give away extra freebies for shopping online. You will also get free shipping on most items that exceed a set spending level, a free 10% coupon for Amazon once your event date is completed (some restrictions, of course), and a full 180 days to return any items on your registry that you don’t end up wanting or needing.

For the baby registry, there are similar benefits. Signing up for the baby registry means new moms get the same 10% “completion” discount, you’re exposed to freebies and contests, there are shipping discounts and you have a flexible return window, but for the baby registry, it’s only 90 days. Quite possible the best part is the fact that they have a Universal Registry – a browser button which allows you to add items not found on Amazon.com – and a highly accessible ‘Thank You’ List. It’s really easy to get busy and misplace your own list of “who-gave-what,” but when someone purchases a gift from the registry at Amazon, their purchase is recorded and kept for you.

There was a time when people said online shopping couldn’t ever really be a big thing…that people liked to physically feel, see and experience what they were buying. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Shopping online is a great experience: freebies, no traffic, no transportation costs, convenience, and the ability to move from store to store at the click of a mouse. For special events, contact Amazon and allow them to help ensure that you receive the items that you want and need.