Now TV: 852 2888 0008

The Now TV contact number should be dialed by those who need assistance from the Now TV customer service department. Customers can request help with ordering or cancelling service, ask for technical support, request account & billing assistance, and more. Customer support is available from 8am to midnight, but note that the service is online only and the Now TV phone number shown here will connect you to the global support line.

Now TV Contact Number
852 2888 0008

Now TV provides internet and television services to a huge number of customers in the UK. The company is owned by Sky Plc and it was first unveiled in 2013. It offers streaming services that are compatible with many different set top boxes, mobile handsets, and personal computers. It fills a niche in the market, because it appeals to customers who don’t want to fork out for a premium television package or contract. The Now TV contact number shown here can be used to reach a customer service agent who can provide information and answer questions about the service.

Now TV Customer Service

With Now TV, customers no longer have to lock themselves into an annual deal. Instead, customers can enjoy their favourite channels without having to subscribe to cable. The Now TV packages include movies, sports channels, entertainment channels, children’s programming, and much more. If you are currently a customer, or you would like to subscribe and pay for a service package, call the Now TV phone number today. Or, alternatively, you can send the company an email, write a letter, comment on social media, or ask a question via the help forum.

For customers who are keen to utilise social media channels, Twitter is the best way to get hold of a Now TV representative. The company responds to queries fairly quickly via its official account. However, it also operates an online blog, so it’s worth consulting this if you are in search of general information. If you opt to seek Now TV help via email, you can expect to receive a response within 24-hours.

Compatible Devices and Technology

It is possible to watch Now TV on a range of different devices. It doesn’t matter whether you have the Sports Pass, Entertainment, or Movies package; there are many ways to tune in and start enjoying high quality content. Now TV contact is recommended if you have questions about the comparability of your devices. Customers can watch online via the Now TV internet app. Or, you can watch television via the Now TV Box device.

If you want to tune in using an actual television set, you can link up your personal computer to a HDMI input. The same rules apply for Apple Macs, so these are compatible with Now TV as well. You can use a YouView television box to watch on demand movies and other content, in affiliation with Now TV. However, live television channels and on demand shows are not accessible at this time, as a result of rights limitations. The Kindle Fire and Nintendo Wii are not compatible with this service. Call the Now TV phone number to request a full list of non-compatible devices.

Types of Content

Generally speaking, the available content can be divided into entertainment, movies, and sports. This is largely reminiscent of bigger, more mainstream providers like Sky. Now offers Sky Sports, Sky Movies, and a wealth of entertainment channels. In other words, Now TV offers much of what viewers would want or expect from a pay TV service. Contact Now TV customer service to request a complete list of the content that is available.

The difference is in the way that these channels and services are paid for. Unlike Sky, Now TV gives you the opportunity to subscribe to Sports, Entertainment, or Movies packages individually or comprehensively. You can pick and choose each service as and when you like, because there are no restrictive ‘tie in’ bundles.

Customers have the power to cancel or renew any service package, or can cancel service altogether. Through NowTV help, it is also possible to add new services to your subscription. With such a responsive and flexible service, customers are able to customise their viewing experience. If you want to stay in the know when it comes to the latest offers and deals, call the Now TV helpline and speak to a friendly sales advisor.

Accessing Now TV

The first step for being able to access programming is to become a Now TV customer. Once this is done, you can start enjoying quality content. The next step is to select your desired Movies, Sports, or Entertainment package. Once you know which channels you want, visit the website and fill out an application or call the Now TV contact number to make your selections known.

You now have a choice. You can either buy a Now TV set top box for a single payment or download the Now TV app for a mobile phone, laptop, or console. Call for Now TV help if you need assistance with the app. The choice of device should be based on how you want to watch television and where. For example, if you’re keen to watch TV on the move, because you’re not at home much, the Now TV app is clearly going to be the most suitable choice. Now TV contact is advised if you need help with making selections.