Netflix: 0870 280 7787

Use the Netflix contact number to call the Netflix customer service team to ask questions about your Netflix service or if you would like to join Netflix and would rather do it over the phone. The Netflix phone number is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accept calls however if you are wanting to join Netflix, this can easily be done on their website and there is no need to phone Netflix.

Netflix Contact Number
0870 280 7787

Netflix was created in 1997 and incorporated in the state of California by Reed Hastings. Hastings is still to this day the company’s Chief Executive Officer. As a former math teacher, he achieved financial success when he marketed and sold his Pure Software package for $700 million dollars. He presented Netflix in 1998 as a pay per rental service, and then he introduced the monthly subscription idea the following year. In 2011, Netflix was released in the UK and by a year later, it had reached the million subscriber milestone. Today, Netflix help is sought by many and is made available via several different contact methods.

Netflix Customer Service

Netflix contact is possible 24-hours a day. If you login to your Netflix account and simply click on the ‘Call Customer Service’ link, you will be provided with an estimated wait time and a service code for express service. The Netflix contact number is to be called if you don’t have an account or if you would like to find out more about the service. The company does not offer a customer service email address at this time. All communication that is sent by email will be sent from, but responding to incoming emails from this address is not a suitable way to get help.

Below are some of the reasons why you may need to contact Netflix:

  • Technical Support
  • Reporting payment or billing issues
  • Information on what devices Netflix is available on
  • Talking to an adviser if Netflix is not functioning correctly on your device
  • Terminating your account
  • More details about the service
  • Reporting an issue with a movie or TV show

Netflix is also accessible through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The official customer support Twitter account is @Netflixhelps. The website does provide information about the services provided and the current rates. A FAQ section is also provided, and can be quite beneficial for those who have general questions. Current customers can make some changes, such as upgrading, downgrading, or cancelling service completely online after logging into their account.

Netflix Services

Netflix viewing is accessible only to existing paying customers. When becoming a member, you will have accessibility to the video on demand service. An extra benefit of having a Netflix account is that you will be able to watch programming on a number of devices. You will be able to select from a variety of titles that are popular on Netflix. You will also be capable to use the search tool to look for certain movie titles or films featuring a specific actor if you have a particular movie in mind. If you link your account with Facebook, you will also have the ability to see what your friends have been watching. Any customers encountering difficulties should contact the Netflix support team.

Netflix has now presented user profiles. Approximately 5 members in each residence using one account can view content based on their personal preferences and watching routines. This option is handy for assigning content that’s appropriate for viewers of various age groups. However, the content offered for each individual account is also mostly decided by Netflix suggestions. If you experience any problems while trying to create profiles, you can get assistance by calling the Netflix phone number seen here, which allows for the quickest connection to customer service.

Solving Service Problems

The most common problems that Netflix subscribers encounter are issues related to billing, forgotten passwords, connection problems, streaming problems, and so forth. Netflix offers help on lots of these issues through the website and some members are able to determine how they can resolve these problems. However, there are times when solutions might only be had by way of Netflix UK contact. It is particularly important to speak with a live agent when dealing with technical difficulties. Calling for Netflix help is often one of the most efficient methods of getting the necessary assistance and support.

Managing Netflix Accounts

Managing a Netflix account often requires understanding a lot of issues such as how charges apply and how to avoid unauthorized usage. Logging in, changing payment methods, updating email addresses and security passwords can all be completed online (assuming there are no technical issues with your account). If you need help resolving issues that are technical in nature, Netflix contact is recommended. Contacting Netflix customer service is the best way to get issues fixed as quickly as possible, so that your access to entertainment is restored quickly. For any issues that you may experience with your subscriptions, Netflix support is always available from friendly customer service experts.