Music Magpie: 0870 218 3610

Dial the Music Magpie contact number for information concerning how the service works, shipping, information on items that can be sold or purchased, and more. Music Magpie customer service can help with payments, refunds, and returns, shipping, buying or selling, creating an account or updating contact information. For live support, call the Music Magpie phone number between the hours of 9:00am to 7:00pm Monday to Friday, or 9:00am to 5:00pm Saturday.

Music Magpie Contact Number
0870 218 3610

Music Magpie is an online company that helps clients buy and sell games, CD’s, electronics, mobile phones, and more. When you choose to sell something, then you can get cash. This company offers buying and selling opportunities, free buying and selling apps,instant prices for your stuff, Free Courier Service, free shipping service, and more. Clients may choose to be paid by bank transfer, check, or you may decide to donate to a favorite Charity. For more information, call the Music Magpie telephone number.

Music Magpie: 0870 280 6785

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6785
Make A Complaint0333 555 0101
International Number+44 333 555 0101

Customer Service

Music Magpie customer service is high-quality and thorough in its approach. This is a service that manages to pay people very quickly, which is always positive for the sellers. Buyers are going to get the items that they ordered just as quickly. The Music Magpie contact number should connect people with customer service representatives immediately. There is also a form that people can fill out online in order to address some specific concerns. Customer support should be able to quickly help most people with their concerns related to the Music Magpie products, whether they’re buying or selling them there.

Products & Services

Many people all around the world are using Music Magpie for the sake of getting some of their old electronics sold off, giving them the chance to rid themselves of old tech items that they might not find important anymore. Selling DVD’s, Blu-Rays, CD’s, games, books, and various tech items can earn people a decent amount of money. As more and more people switch to video streaming and other modern services, older tech items aren’t as important. Music Magpie is the sort of business that allows people to make use of older items that still hold value.

Selling with MusicMagpie

In order to sell with Music Magpie, people will start by getting their items priced. They might be surprised by the results, but their estimated results might not apply in this case. Then, people only need to box and send out their products. Selling with Music Magpie is an easy process. They are also willing and able to pay on the day that they receive the items in question, so customers are going to be able to get the money involved very quickly. The Music Magpie phone number can be the first step for a lot of eager sellers.

Shopping with MusicMagpie

To a certain extent, Music Magpie could be regarded as a conventional store that simply has a lot of different suppliers. All of the different things that people will sell to them are also going to be available through them. People can buy DVD’s, CD’s, games and consoles, books, mobile phones, vinyl, and various tech gadgets. Many of their items are going to be cheaper than the ones that people would be purchasing otherwise, since they had previous owners, but they can still be in great shape. They’ll be fully refurbished and high-quality. To ask questions about specific items, call the Music Magpie telephone number.

Problems & Complaints

Most people speak highly of Music Magpie. There are always going to be some issues with a business that is this extensive in its reach and in the products that it works with on a regular basis. With so many suppliers and so many customers in so many departments, some people aren’t going to receive their orders, their money, or customer service responses in a timely enough manner. Still, the Music Magpie customer services team is available for the people who have an issue that they need to address. In most cases, the issues should be resolved very shortly.