Minibus Driving 101: DVLA Rules for Drivers


Anyone who is interested in driving a minibus in the United Kingdom has to meet a number of different requirements. It is exceptionally important that these individuals know the laws in the area so that they can legally operate the minibus without inadvertently violating one of those laws. It is equally important that anyone who drives a minibus understands that just because they are not aware of a particular law, that does not mean that they are not expected to follow it. Therefore, it is possible that someone who violates a law simply because they are ignorant of it will still be punished just as if they had willfully done so.

The most prevalent law involves age. No one is allowed to operate a minibus in the UK unless they are at least 21 years old. This is basically to help keep accidents to a minimum, as individuals that are younger than that often do not have the opportunity to gain enough driving experience to safely operate a minibus in the first place. They also have to have a UK drivers license for at least two years prior to operating a minibus. Therefore, they are expected to wait until they are 21 years of age before attempting to operate anything that can be construed as a minibus.

By the same token, individuals are not typically allowed to operate one past seventy years of age. With that being said, it is possible for an individual who is already operating a minibus to continue doing so past the age of 70. However, anyone that does choose to do so will have to pass what is known as a Group 2 medical standard, something that ensures that they are healthy enough to continue operating the minibus. Anyone that does not pass is no longer allowed to do so. Contact DVLA for more information regarding medical standards.

In the United Kingdom, the idea of charging people when driving a minibus is strongly discouraged. People that get these licenses are allowed to drive the minibus for their own social needs when they are not operating it for other purposes. However, the general policy is to do so as a favor to other individuals. Therefore, the person driving the minibus becomes a volunteer, not someone who is attempting to participate in any type of money making endeavour.

Finally, the minibus is limited to a weight of 3.5 tonnes. The one exception is that if equipment is being carried, it is allowable for it to have a total weight of 4.25 tonnes. As long as you follow these rules and regulations, you can legally operate a minibus in the United Kingdom if that is your desire. However, it is important that you do keep these rules in mind and that you follow them to the letter throughout the entire time that you are doing so.