Maternity Allowance: 0870 218 5116

When calling the Maternity Allowance contact number, callers will be connected with the Maternity Allowance customer service department. Help is available with eligibility requirements, application requests, application submission, reporting changes, payments, and more. The Maternity Allowance phone number can be called between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Maternity Allowance Contact Number
0870 218 5116

The purpose of Maternity Allowance is to provide financial assistance to pregnant women, or those that have just given birth. It is meant to help women cope with the costs of pregnancy or having a new born baby when they have been relying on low or variable income from their earnings. Therefore it is designed to help women who have been working on short or fixed term contracts, agency staff, or the self-employed. Women that are low paid, or have only recently become unemployed are also entitled to claim this benefit. To ask questions or apply, call the Maternity Allowance number shown here.

Maternity Allowance Contact

All of the contact centres that deal with the phone queries about Maternity Allowance are based within the UK and are directly connected to HM Revenue & Customs. This has the advantage that all the staff will be able to help with setting up your new claim. The downside is that the HMRC contact centres are only open for incoming call during standard UK office opening times. Those hours for calling the Maternity Allowance contact number will be between 8 am and 6 pm daily Monday through to Friday. General questions can be emailed to HMRC or posted to their social media pages. However, one should only expect to receive a response during business hours.

How to Apply

All of the Maternity Allowance claims begin with the same process. Basically you will have to phone one of the HM Revenue and Customs contact centres and they post out a form for you. This form is called a MA1 and often you have to provide a MATB1 form with it to make sure that your claim is processed promptly. A MATB1 form can be obtained from either your doctor or midwife along with the MA1. It confirms that you are pregnant and states the date your baby is due by. Some of the larger Jobcentre Plus locations have a limited number of MA1 forms if your surgery has run out of them.

It is possible that you can claim Maternity Allowance depending upon your exact circumstances. For example, if you do not qualify for Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) then you may be entitled to this allowance instead. People do not receive SMP if they have not worked for a company long enough, or have not worked enough hours each week. However, if you have worked for several months then you a good chance of being approved. Maternity Allowance contact is recommended if you need to know about specific qualifications for your personal circumstances.

Approval Qualifications

Due to the way that Maternity Allowance is set up, and its procedures are explained it often causes confusion. Some people find it hard to work out if they have worked for long enough to qualify. There is a guide with the form so it is easier to work out if you have worked enough weeks, or if you have not. You do not have to have earned a certain amount of money but do have to have worked for a minimum number of weeks before making your claim. For further information, call the Maternity Allowance phone number, or refer to the information in your claim pack.

Allowance Payments

The precise level of allowance you could be entitled to will depend upon your average wages, the more you earned the higher the level of allowance you will receive up to the maximum amount. The most money you could receive could be: A weekly amount of £138.18 or 90% of your average weekly wage for a period of 39 weeks (you receive whichever is the lowest figure). Alternatively you could be entitled to £27.00 a week for a total of 14 weeks. Benefit amounts can change over time, so call the Maternity Allowance helpline to learn the current amounts.

Payment of any allowance you are entitled to could not be simpler. It is paid into your bank, building society, or credit union account for as long as you are entitled to it. Paying into your account is simple, free, and fast. Since the government phased out cheque payments, there is no alternative to having the allowance paid into your account of choice. If payments are late or have not been received at all, contact Maternity Allowance and ask that a customer service agent look into the matter for you. Often, there is a simple explanation for any delay.

Benefits Impact

Due to the recently imposed benefit cap, any Maternity Allowance you do receive may lead to deductions been made from other benefits. Even before the benefits cap was introduced, you could not receive Maternity Allowance at the same time as Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance. That is because the allowance is always more than either of these benefits are worth. You have to be within 11 weeks of your due date before the allowance can be paid. If you are not working you can claim other benefits and then switch to Maternity Allowance at 29 weeks of pregnancy. Ring the Maternity Allowance number if you need further clarification.