Manpower: 1895 205200

New customers should call the Manpower contact number if they need information regarding work opportunities. Manpower customer service can assist employees with the entire hiring process from writing CVs, finding the right references, to guidance in the interview process. Hours may vary by location, but the general support hours when calling the Manpower phone number are 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Manpower Contact Number
1895 205200

Manpower is a multinational agency that offers human resource consulting. The Manpower Group provides hundreds of companies with employee assessment and recruitment, support in new-hire training and development, career management, and outsourcing. Employees can even seek career advice through the company. Employers can be featured on the website, and they can also have access to recruit people through the company. New customers, employers, and employees alike, can register with the company and have access to an account online. Existing clients should dial the Manpower telephone number if they need help with their registered account.

Customer Service

Customers can get in touch by calling the Manpower contact number and speaking with an agent. Manpower offers various links with clients to address their wishes and provide the best service possible. Customers can get in touch with Manpower crew on several platforms with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Customers can also get any information they need through sending an email and still get sorted out conveniently. The email for general account enquiries is: Alternatively, visiting their website can get customers almost every single detail they need to know, thus it can be an easier way of getting most of the information from there.

Products & Services

Manpower offers services such as temporary resourcing, stepping in for recruiters to get their recruitment needs covered. Additionally, they are also perfect for getting the best talent in the market and bringing them on board for employers through their timely and cost effective permanent placement processes. For companies seeking to see prospect employees’ experience first-hand, Manpower offers temp-to-perm basis, which gives this opportunity quite well. Other services include workforce management, where such aspects as invoicing, payrolls among others can be catered for adequately. Manpower also covers needs for workers through apprenticeship, employing apprentices and deploying them in the field.

Information for Job Seekers

The agency provides sufficient information for job seekers to help them land better chances and get jobs that are even more promising in the competitive job-seeking conditions. Besides, they also provide several prospect employers in the market seeking for workers such as AA, AkzoNobel and many other opportunities out there. The best part is that Manpower is also flexing to help people from outside the UK who are seeking jobs in the UK job markets. Those who are in need of an employment reference can call the Manpower phone number or send an email to:

Information for Employers

Besides offering numerous services to assist in the employers’ duties, Manpower is also providing substantial information that can be very useful for managers. Some of the educational aspects they share include what employers need to do when seeking for candidates in exhausted employee markets, especially when they want to expand their operations. Dial the Manpower telephone number to discuss the many options available to employers who are in search of temporary help.

Additionally, their advice on how companies can recruit large numbers of candidates and ensure smooth progress also comes in very handy for most employers. Further, they also have other informative content on implementing workforce solutions through their simplified four-step recruitment process as well as addressing some of the skills. To learn more about services for employers, contact Manpower and speak with a business services specialist. For those who have already set up an account, it is possible to order staff online or through Manpower contact via phone.

Career Advice

Having dealt with and interviewed countless job-seeking candidates from all walks of life for over sixty years now, Manpower knows what a potential candidate need to be on par with the goals they are chasing. Their first career advice to job seekers is looking for the role that they have the solid skills and experience for, not forgetting considering how they would want to work. Their wide range of advice covers almost every aspect that counts in job seeking, including the basics of CV writing, making the best out of online networking, selecting the right references, preparation for interviews and much more. Their advice can be very useful for candidates who want to hit their target and get themselves a job without much hustle. Contact Manpower to learn more.