Manchester City Council: 0870 218 1298

Dial the Manchester City Council contact number to be connected to Manchester City council customer service. The Manchester City Council is dedicated to addressing the needs of its constituents in a timely manner throughout the entire year. Citizens in Manchester can visit the Manchester City Council’s website for more information or details. Callers can reach a live agent by dialing the Manchester City Council phone number between 9am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Manchester City Council Contact Number
0870 218 1298

Manchester City Council is the local government authority in Manchester, England. Manchester City Council manages public services such as garbage collection, environmental problems, schools, and etc. It is made of ninety-six officials that are elected by the people. Residents should call the Manchester City Council telephone number if they need information about libraries, council tax, employment, and the services previously mentioned. Manchester City Council contact is also recommended for those who need help with public transportation, benefits, children services and any other public service offered to citizens in Manchester, England.

Manchester City Council: 0870 280 7082

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 7082
Report Abuse0161 234 5001
If You Are Homeless0161 234 5001
Civil Emergency0161 223 7222
Make A Complaint0161 234 5002
International Number+44 161 234 5002