Luma: 0870 218 3547

Call the Luma contact number to request information regarding email alerts, applying for a new card, terms and conditions, answers to questions and concerns and more. Luma customer service can help with credit statements, bill payments, updating contact information, filing a complaint, disputing a charge, making a balance transfer and more. For general enquiries, call the Luma phone number from 8am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

Luma Contact Number
0870 218 3547

Luma is a credit company that offers free online credit card account management, mobile app, application for the Luma credit card, APR, and more. Customers can submit an application for a new credit card and register a Luma credit cardholder today. This credit card is accepted at thousands of businesses around the UK. Credit limits are available for up to £1500. There are no annual fees and no hidden charges. The company ensures that your account remains safe and secure. For more information, dial the Luma telephone number.

Luma: 0870 280 6827

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6827
Apply For Credit Card0800 597 0065
Report Card Lost Or Stolen0800 597 0178
Account Queries0333 000 0477
Fraud & Identity Theft03444 812 812
Make A Complaint0333 000 0477
International Number+44 333 000 0477

Customer Service

The customer service through Luma is effective on many levels. The Luma contact number is all that people are going to need in order to get in touch with helpful customer service representatives. There is also the fact that it’s easy for people to manage their accounts online, giving people the opportunity to bypass some of the difficulties involved with working with a company directly. The address is: Capital One Card Services, P.O. Box 5283, Nottingham, NG2 9HD. To apply for a card by phone, contact Luma from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

There are also services available for the people who have hearing problems. Depending on the specific issue and the reason for contacting customer service, people might want to get in touch with Luma in different ways. Lost or stolen cards, or suspected fraud can be reported 24-hours a day by calling the Luma phone number. There is a separate address provided for Luma complaints. To complain by post, send all correspondence to:

Complaints Resolution
Capital One
PO Box 5281

Products & Services

The Luma credit card is one that a lot of people are going to find very useful. The card has lots of different features, all of which can be used by people who are trying to make progress financially. This is a credit card that is really going to allow a lot of people to get ahead, and it is also one that a lot of people are going to find easy to use in practice. They’re going to be able to manage their accounts effectively online, saving themselves some time and money. There’s also an easily accessible mobile app that should allow people to manage their accounts more effectively.

Account Management

Managing a Luma account should be easy for most people. This is an account that people will be able to keep track of on their own online. Using online account management, people can pay their bills online, transfer their balances, receive email alerts, pay the bills online, update the account, and view all statements electronically, obviating the need for all paperwork. To submit a payment by phone, call the Luma number shown here. The same number may also be used to report an errant charges or errors that may be shown on your account.

Payments & Interest

Paying the bills through Luma should work well for most people, which is one of the many reasons why so many people are switching to a card like this one. The credit limits should reach 1500 euros, and there aren’t hidden charges or annual fees. People who are completely new to credit and who have previous issues with their credit cards should still be able to work with a credit card like this one. A 35.9 percent APR currently applies, but this can and will change. Call the Luma telephone number for the latest rate information.

Problems & Complaints

The chip and PIN technology should help protect people from fraud, and there are also lots of other protections in place for the people who are concerned about this sort of thing. There is a confidential helpline that is available for the people who are concerned about specific issues related to their Luma cards. Applying for cards online is easy, and there are different numbers that people can access that will allow them to address specific complaints related to the Luma card. The postal address listed above can be used to for Luma complaints contact.