Leicester City Council: 0870 218 1176

Call the Leicester City Council contact number for information about their recycling services and some of the other services that they can offer households and communities. Contact the Leicester City Council customer service department in order to make payments or in order to find out more information about some of the additional services that they offer, as well as the council tax and similar expenses. For support, call the Leicester City Council phone number Monday – Thursday from 8:30am to 5:00pm, or Friday from 8:30am t0 4:30pm.

Leicester City Council Contact Number
0870 218 1176

The Leicester City Council is a unitary public authority that will provide support for many different entities within the city of Leicester. This includes meeting the needs of the people of Leicester themselves, as well as the needs of businesses and communities within the city of Leicester and all of the surrounding and neighboring areas. There are lots of career opportunities that are available through the agency. Call the Leicester City Council telephone number listed here for additional information.

Leicester City Council: 0870 280 7139

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 7139
Environment0116 454 1001
Waste Management0116 454 1002
Council Tax and Business Rates0116 454 1005
Social Care and Safeguarding0116 454 1004
Housing Benefits0116 454 1006
Switchboard0116 454 1011
Make A Complaint0116 454 1003
International Number+44 116 454 1003

Customer Service

There are lots of different customer service options related to the Leicester City Council. This is a center that has a lot of different officers who are very experienced, and people should be able to get in contact with them through the Leicester City Council contact number. It should also be possible to get the information necessary through smartphone devices and mobile devices, online services, and through centers that allow people to meet in person with the representatives from the Leicester City Council.

Council Responsibilities

Leicester City Council has a wide range of different responsibilities. They provide jobs and careers, garbage and recycling services, housing services, minor local fines, council tax services, and many related tasks. Local citizens will also be able to report various local problems by calling the Leicester City Council phone number. Some people might report potholes and other various minor but notable local issues to the council. This is a governing body that is able to keep the local community functioning at peak efficiency in many different ways and at many different levels.

Resident Services

Leicester City Council has a lot of resources available for the residents of the area. They are going to need to get in contact with the council if they are going to apply for housing, if they need to pay any fines or other types of payments, or if they are interested in applying for work through the council. The department that manages to provide a lot of jobs, and it is also an organization that can help people from out of town become settled. New residents are always invited to reach out to Leicester City Council customer services for assistance.

Business Services

There are lots of reasons why businesses might want to contact Leicester City Council. They might need information about business licenses, which are going to be necessary for all local businesses. Commercial property inquiries are also going to be the responsibility of the Leicester City Council. Businesses and potential business owners should be sure to call the Leicester City telephone number when they are thinking about starting new businesses or taking their existing businesses to the next level. If they have a health and safety problem, it is also a good idea to contact them.

Problems & Complaints

Among other things, the Leicester City Council is in charge of problems and complaints of a certain nature. People will mainly report things like problems with a road, graffiti, or something else related to the local community. There are centers were people can contact the Leicester City Council in person, and it is also possible to contact them electronically and through the Leicester City Council contact number. This is a department that makes an effort to provide local individuals with a way to get in touch with them and a way to get in contact with the staff members.