LBC: 0870 218 5103

Call the LBC contact number to learn about the different media options available through the LBC. The LBC customer service team can assist you in finding a way to listen to their programs. The LBC phone number for support is a 24-hour line that is available throughout the year.

LBC Contact Number
0870 218 5103

People can go to the LBC for the sake of cultural and political audio shows and chats in the manner of radio broadcasts. At this point in time, there are podcasts, radio programs, videos, and other types of media available through the LBC. London has a continuous news station through LBC News as well. People can learn all about what the LBC has to offer them online and elsewhere, and that should be enough to give people access to all of the great political and cultural commentaries from this source. For more information, call the LBC telephone number as shown here.

LBC: 0870 280 6589

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6589
Make A Complaint0345 60 60 973
International Number+44 345 606 0973

Customer Service

There are several different ways in which listeners can contact LBC customer service representatives. Customers can contact customer service for LBC by email, phone calls, social media outreach, and last but not least postal mail. Customer service can help customers with many different problems including, but not limited to technical problems and problems with specific podcasts. Customer service has the tools to help with many problems that listeners may experience due to the training they receive. The customer service team is also more than happy to help their listeners, so listeners should be confident in knowing they will get the help they want and need.

In addition to calling the LBC contact number, listeners can reach out on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is also possible to email the presenters using the links found on the LBC website. To send correspondence via post, the following address should be used:

LBC Radio Ltd
30 Leicester Square

How to Listen

There are several different ways in which those interested in LBC can listen to the station. Those interested can simply listen to LBC via their radios. This is the easiest way for people to listen to their favorite radio personalities as it can easily be found at 97.3 FM. There are other ways in which those interested may listen to LBC one of the other popular ways people decide to listen to LBC is via the LBC app. The LBC app is available on both android and apple devices for free. This is another convenient way to listen as most people have their mobile phones on them at all times.

Schedule Information

Schedule information is a very important part of the LBC experience as it lets listeners know when their favorite podcasts and radio personalities are scheduled to come on. The schedule is available to listeners on both the LBC website and the LBC apps. The schedule is placed in an easily visible place on the website that will easily catch listeners eyes. The schedule will tell listeners what time to tune in to hear their favorite programs and how long the specific programs will last which is generally four hours for each program. The schedule is a real lifesaver for listeners as all the information they could need is in one easy to access location. Any questions about schedule changes can be address through LBC contact.

Providing Feedback

Listeners can find feedback and give feedback for their favorite podcasts by calling into the radio station to give their input. When listeners give their feedback it influences how the podcast will relay information in the future. Giving feedback is one of the most important things a listener can do as it can help hosts determine what their hosts want to hear and when they would like to hear it. Feedback can also bring up ratings for listeners favorites as it helps to know what listeners are really enjoying or are disliking at that particular moment during that specific time period. To provide feedback, call the LBC telephone number.


If listeners wish to let LBC know of their complaints they should contact customer service as they have the tools to correct almost anything that a listener may not be fond of. You could also contact the department that deals specifically with complaints. This department will also be able to fix particular things listeners are not liking during that specific time period. complaints are usually handled within 2 to 3 days at the most. Complaints are very important to hosts as well so if a listener has a complaint they should not be afraid to call and voice their opinions. Contact LBC to submit an official complaint.