Land Registry: 0870 218 3426

By dialing the Land Registry contact number listed here, callers will be put through to the Land Registry customer service department. Support is offered for property ownership matters, boundary questions, title deeds, joint ownership, business services, and other property related topics. The Land Registry phone number can be used to connect with a live agent from 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday.

Land Registry Contact Number
0870 218 3426

The UK’s Land Registry, commonly known as Her Majesty’s Land Registry under the 2002 Land Registration Act, was founded in 1862. It became an executive agency of the UK Government in 1990. Individuals in Wales and England use the Land Registry for registering land and property ownership. Land Registry is also a member of the Department for Business, Innovation, and Skills Public Data Group. Its headquarters are located in Croydon while Land Charges and IT Department are located in Plymouth. Land Registry contact is advised for all who need individual assistance.

Due to their 150+ years of experience, the Land Registry department is able to offer both information and advice. They help to establish and develop both private land and personal/commercial property ownership, establish security of land tenure, and develop functioning land and mortgage markets. You can read more about their international services and about their successful work in other countries on the website, by calling the Land Registry telephone number, or by sending them an email at

The website has very insightful blog posts regarding the land registration system and how to apply. For general enquiries, you can use the provided online contact form. If you have any land and property questions, you can join their public forum which is also found online. If you have any queries about any commercial property, email them at: You can also contact the department on any of the following social media platforms, Twitter @LandRegGov, post on their Facebook page or email them using address – If you wish to mail them, you can use Old Street, Ashton-under-lyne, Greater Manchester, UK, OL6 7SF

Land Registry: 0870 280 6962

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6962
Make A Complaint0300 006 0008
International Number+44 300 006 0008

What does Land Registry do?

Land Registry has over 24 million documented land titles which show evidence of ownership. Questions about any of these can be answered by calling the Land Registry contact number.

Individuals and companies can use Her Majesty’s Land Registry to:

  • Register unregistered land
  • Register the new owner of a property after a sale
  • Register an interest affecting registered land, such as mortgage, a right of way, or a lease

Before registering any land, this department has to first consider each application and decide whether and how to continue with the application. When land is entered in the registry, the department then records anything that has been changed regarding that land i.e. leases, ownership changes, or mortgages. If you believe that you have incurred a loss due to an error in the register, you are requested to contact the department as soon as possible to correct the mistake made – in some cases, people who suffer losses are compensated.

Aside from these responsibilities, the Land Registry also helps to:

  • Provide a reliable record of information about ownership of and interests affecting land
  • Provide property owners with a land title that is backed by the state
  • Simplify the transfer of interests in land

NOTE: Keep in mind that these services are only offered with Wales and England. Visit the website or call the Land Registry phone number for more information.


Contact Land Registry if you need to submit an application. The Land Registry aims to deal with all information regarding any of the above mentioned issues within three working days. All land registration service applications are dealt with within five weeks. If you do not hear from them within that time-frame, you are asked to call the Land Registry number (we have provided a contact number for you). A customer care agent will try answering all your questions as best as they can. If they do not have any new news regarding your application, they will contact you back within five working days with an update – if not five days, the agents will inform you on when you should expect as call from the Land Registry Department.


In case you feel that your query has not been addressed or that you were treated in a unprofessional manner, you are requested to call the Land Registry helpline to report the problem. The department then deals with the manner internally to ensure that it never happens again. If you wish to make a face-to-face complaint regarding the services offered to you, you are advised to visit their head office – remember to make an appointment, giving at least 72 hours’ notice. This will allow the department to investigate the complaint beforehand.

When you contact Land Registry with a complaint, they:

  • Acknowledge you complaint immediately
  • Request for your name and contact information that they will then use to get back to you with any findings
  • Review the complaint and look for the next course of action

When they have dealt with the complaint, they then call you to give you a full review of their investigations, findings, and the results. Land Registry contact can be expected within five days after you have made your complaint. If they need more time to respond, they will call you and provide an update within 5 working days.