KC: 0870 218 1205

Dial the KC contact number to request further information about placing your dog on the correct registry, or to obtain information about the specific breed of dog that you own. KC customer service can provide information about upcoming events. Pet owners can also contact the company if they wish to purchase pet insurance for their dog. Opening times for the KC phone number are 9am to 5pm, Monday – Friday, excluding Bank holidays.

KC Contact Number
0870 218 1205

The Kennel Club (KC) is an organisation that offers education sources and a wealth of professional advice for dog owners in the UK. It is also a registry for both pedigree and crossbreed dogs. Dog registration in the Kennel Club is a benefit that allows the dog and its owner to participate in a number of targeted programs for education and training, including professional dog shows across the UK. Dog owners who are interested in learning how to breed their dog for puppies can find online resources for doing so. Personal references can also be shared among the community of registered dog owners.

KC: 0870 280 7108

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 7108
Make A Complaint0129 631 8540
International Number+44 129 631 8540

KC Customer Service

There are many things that KC customer services can help with if someone needs any information about dogs and how to care for them. They are the largest organisation in the UK that is dedicated to caring for dogs. They can provide information about getting a dog and looking after this dog once it has been taken home. They will also help people decide whether they are able to give a dog a good home. If anyone has a query that they would like the Kennel Club to answer then calling the KC contact number will allow them to speak to someone directly so their questions can be answered immediately.

KC Services

If someone is unsure about the breed of dog that they should get based on their specific circumstances, they should ring the KC phone number and customer services will be able to talk them through all the options so that they make the right choice. Breeders who advertise with the Kennel Club have to follow a strict code of ethics which can give buyers confidence. The Kennel Club also offer pet insurance and a quote for insuring a dog can be obtained from customer services. Most services that the Kennel Club offer are both for pedigree and crossbreed dogs.

Registration Information

There are a number of benefits to registering a dog with the Kennel Club and the KC support staff will be able to explain these benefits in more detail. Over 250,000 dogs are registered every year and so customer service agents will be very experienced in the registration process. They can also provide information about registering dogs abroad if they are being exported. If a person is selling a dog then they will need to make sure that ownership is transferred to the new owner and customer services can provide information about how to do this correctly and avoid problems further on.

Breeding Information

Breeding dogs can be a very rewarding experience but it is something that should not be entered into lightly. Customer services can offer advice about the whole breeding process and help someone decide whether it is something that they want to be involved in. The Kennel Club run an Assured Breeder Scheme and customer services can provide information about how to qualify for this scheme. All information provided by the Kennel Club can be used as a reference for breeders who have been in the industry for a while.

Events & Activities

The most famous event that the Kennel Club runs is Crufts which takes place every year in March. They also run two other events on an annual basis – the International Agility Festival in August and Discover Dogs in November. People are able to find out about purchasing tickets for these events by calling the KC telephone number and contacting customer services who will also be able to give information about entering dogs for these events. A number of smaller events are also held throughout the year and customer services will be able to provide details about these events including when they are held and their location.