JSA: 0870 218 5113

By dialing the JSA contact number shown here, callers will be connected to JSA customer service and can request information regarding benefit applications, benefit eligibility, application status, payments, report changes in circumstances, and more. The JSA phone number listed here is open for calls Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am and 6pm.

JAS Contact Number
0870 218 5113

The term Jobseeker’s Allowance (also called JSA) refers to a UK-based financial benefit that is offered to eligible parties. Its purpose is to support and assist in covering the costs that occur in the day to day lives of people who are currently able to work. In other words, it is designed to act as a temporary income, where there is no conventional one. The JSA number that you see here can be used to call and speak with an agent who can provide information regarding this benefit.

JSA: 0870 280 5534

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5534
Make A Complaint0345 608 8545
International Number+44 345 608 8545

Job Seekers Allowance Contact

If you call the JSA helpline, you will be put through to Jobcentre Plus. This is the organisation that handles queries and problems relating to JSA payments and entitlement. The JSA contact number can be tricky to reach for some people, because it is run according to strict operational hours. At the moment, it is available Monday through Friday, from 8-6pm. It is always closed on Saturday, Sunday, and all Bank Holidays. Over the Christmas period, claimants should check with the website or a Jobcentre agent.

You can also check the opening times and find information on the Gov.uk website. This platform features a special calculator that can be used to determine whether or not you are entitled to JSA payments. As Jobseeker’s Allowance requires a certain degree of face-to-face contact and personal contribution, you may not make enquires over social media or via email that regard to your specific benefits case. General enquiries may be accepted using those methods though.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for JSA payments, you must not be in work or attending school. You must be physically able to work and willing to do so full time. You must also be able to provide proof of an active and continued search for jobs. In fact, all claimants are required to attend Jobcentre appointments once every fortnight. During these appointments, you will be asked to hand over this proof of a search for work.

Only legal adults (over the age of eighteen) can claim payments. You must be living full time in England, Wales, or Scotland and be able to provide a permanent address. If you have any concerns or questions about eligibility, you can call the Job Seekers Allowance number and ask for more information.

Understanding JSA Benefits

While there have been some major overhauls to the benefits system over the last decade, the JSA payment system is mostly unchanged. Currently, there are two main forms of JSA payments. The first is income-based (structured according to household income) and the second is contribution-based (subject to participation in National Insurance schemes). JSA contact is recommended if you wish to know which of these two options your benefit amount and eligibility will be based on.

There are still two main forms of benefit payment and they are structured as follows:

Contribution Payments

This is the form of JSA payment that we most closely associate with benefits. It begins as soon as a person finds themselves out of work, calls the Job Seekers Allowance contact number and registers with the Jobcentre Plus. As it is based on National Insurance contributions, anybody who has ever been in full time work should be eligible to receive this benefit. However, for most people, it only lasts around 182 days. After this period, you are expected to have found work.

Income Based Payments

You may be entitled to keep receiving JSA payments if you find work, but it does not pay enough for you to support yourself or your family. Whether or not you are deemed eligible for income based payments is at the discretion of the Department for Work and Pensions. Call the JSA phone number shown here if you want to know if your income level meets the requirements for receiving benefit payments.

Applying for Benefit Payments

The first step is to inform the Jobcentre that you are out of work and need financial support. This can be done either online or over the phone by calling the Jobseekers Allowance number. You will be expected to provide details about your work history, why you are out of work, and what skills can be used to help you find another job quickly. Crucially, this first exchange will be officially logged as your date of first contact. What this means is that, once payments have been approved, they’ll be backdated to this point. It will take 2-3 days for an agent to set you up with a fortnightly appointment schedule. Once you have this, you must attend the meetings. If you do not, your benefits could be stopped or put on hold.

You can, of course, delay or reschedule appointments, if you have a family emergency or if you need to attend a job interview, but you must inform the agent first. At the first appointment, you will be asked to sign a Jobseeker’s Agreement. This is a document that states that you are physically able to work and have agreed to continue looking for a job while receiving benefit payments. Appointments will be ongoing while you look for work. If you need to make changes to a scheduled appointment, call the JSA helpline as soon as possible.