iTunes: 0870 280 0480

Phone the iTunes contact number to talk to the iTunes customer services to speak to a representative about your iTunes account in general or if you require either purchasing or accessing a recent purchase. The iTunes phone number is open between 8:00am and 9:00pm Monday to Fridays and between 9:00am and 6:00pm on Saturday and Sundays.

iTunes Contact Number
0870 280 0480

iTunes is where Apple users turn for all of the music, games, videos, and images on their iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices. All of the information that is stored on these nifty devices can be similarly stored and kept safe in iTunes. However, the interface does come with some drawbacks. Due to stringent Apple policies on the copying and distribution of content, installing, upgrading, and buying via iTunes can be tricky. Fortunately, iTunes support is available for anybody who is experiencing issues.

iTunes Customer Service

iTunes help is available through Apple customer care, which handles issues with devices, syncing problems, disputes, requests for refunds, and technical assistance. For a brief period after a new Apple device has been purchased, the iTunes customer service resources offered are free of charge. Once this introductory time-frame has expired, however, customers need to pay to access this service. You do not need to make any extra purchases or payments to access support and assistance for the iTunes online store.

At Apple, the customer support framework is centered on a rather complex network of queries and responses. The system can be confusing at times and it’s easy to lose your way in the myriad FAQs listed on the main website. For this reason, the Apple website isn’t necessarily the best option if you have a pressing issue that needs solving.

It could be more helpful to contact iTunes by phone. Support is available Monday through Friday, from 8-9pm. On the weekend, the opening hours are 9-8pm. If you find yourself dealing with a serious tech problem outside of these established business hours, there are other contact options. If you feel like sending mail, it should be addressed to Apple headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California, 95014. You can request help in an email message. The correct address for such messages is

The iTunes interface does not have its own website. There is an iTunes page on the main Apple site, but there’s no direct place to head for information or contact details. There’s also no social media page on Facebook for iTunes, but there is an account on Twitter. If you want to get in touch with customer support at iTunes, tweet @AppleSupport. If none of the above mentioned methods sound suitable or you’d prefer to try to find your own solution first, head over to the online help system. There you will find a series of options relating to a number of different problems. All you have to do is pick the option that most closely matches your question.

Online Help System

The iTunes contact self-help system ask that you pick an option will lead you to a second series of choices, and so on. Keep picking the most relevant option until you’re presented with a selection of possible solutions or answers. You can keep searching through these answers until you find an effective fix or you can try the customer support line. The online help system is useful for fixing problems with iTunes, because most issues are fairly common and have easy solutions. Then again, not everybody likes having to go it alone when it comes to troubleshooting. You might prefer to get in touch with customer services via the iTunes contact number.

When calling, you’ll be put through to a technical expert with the skills to fix your problem. First, they will listen to your description of the situation. Then, they’ll offer you the most viable solution. If they cannot offer you a solution right away, they may ask if they can call you back after consulting with the rest of the team. This is rare, however, because these technical specialists are highly trained and know how to deal with a wide variety of issues.

iTunes Store Purchases

In order to shop and browse safely on the iTunes Store, you need to understand a few things about how it works. If you buy content from the store, your account will be billed either immediately or very soon after you confirm the transaction. You must provide a valid payment method at the time of transaction or the process will not be completed. The iTunes contact number provided here should be used to connect with an agent if you have questions regarding any purchases.

Your payment method is the one that you originally provided when you first signed up for an Apple ID. This is why it’s important to check that the credit or debit card is still valid; particularly if you haven’t purchased anything for a long time. Gift cards and content credits work in a slightly different way, because you don’t have to provide payment details to use them. Contact iTunes UK if you need to update your payment information or are having trouble with redeeming a gift card.