IPostParcels: 0870 218 3411

New customers should call the IPostParcels contact number if they need information regarding parcel delivery, prices, home parcel collection, Amazon services, parcel delivery, courier services and more. Existing customers should contact IPostParcels customer service if they need help with sending a parcel, finding a depot, making a payment online, international delivery rates, sending a parcel internationally, postage insurance and more. The IPostParcels phone number is available 7am-10pm Monday-Friday and 8am-12pm Saturday.

IPostParcels Contact Number
0870 218 3411

IPostParcels is a company in the United Kingdom that is part of the UK Mail Group that offers parcel, mail and logistics delivery solutions, individual parcel services, business parcel services, mail consulting and more. IPostParcels strives in making it simple for customers who need to send parcels or for those customers who prefer using the online marketplaces to sell their products like eBay sellers, Amazon sellers, or individual e-commerce businesses. For more information about shipping requirements and rates, call the IPostParcels telephone number.

IPostParcels: 0870 280 6967

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6967
Make A Complaint02476 937770
International Number+44 247 693 7770

Customer Service

There are several reasons why someone may need to call the IPost Parcels contact number. The reason for the call will vary depending on whether the caller has used their service to send a parcel or they are expecting a parcel that has been sent to them. Calling the customer services department is often the quickest way to get an answer as this can be given there and then. Common queries include when a parcel will be delivered, the process for sending a parcel and how much sending a parcel will cost.

Products & Services

IPost Parcels allow their customers to send packages anywhere in the UK and worldwide. They have a number of different packages that are available for people that need to send any number of parcels. This makes them a good choice whether there is only one parcel to send or several. They offer a next day delivery service for when a parcel needs to get somewhere in a hurry. They have depots all over the UK and a large fleet of delivery vehicles. For a complete list of services, call the IPost Parcels telephone number.

Sending A Parcel

If a customer needs to send a parcel then they can call the IOost Parcels phone number to find out what the process is for doing this. Customer services will be able to tell them how much it will cost to send the parcels that they need to. They can also provide information about how to wrap the parcels and the information that should be included on them. In most cases parcels can be collected from the customer which is more convenient for them and these collections can also be arranged over the phone. Customers may also contact IPostParcels customer services if they need to change the details of a collection that has already been arranged.

Tracking A Parcel

If someone is expecting a parcel to be delivered from IPostParcels then they can use the contact number to find out where their parcel is. The company or person that is sending the parcel should have provided a reference number which should be given to the IPostParcels customer service agent. The agent will then be able to inform the caller if their parcel is out for delivery and the estimated time that it should be delivered. This means that a customer does not have to wait in all day if their parcel is not going to be delivered that day.

Problems & Complaints

If a problem occurs with sending or receiving a parcel then a complaint can be made by calling the IPostParcels number shown here. The caller will be able to explain what the issue is and the customer agent will try and find a way to help get this issue resolved as soon as possible. If it is not possible to resolve the issue and the customer wants to continue with a complaint, then this will be passed over to the relevant department. The customer will not usually need to make any additional calls, as someone will call them back if any more details are needed.