Introduction to Amazon Business Accounts


Business accounts are a service that is offered to business owners with the purpose of allowing them to take advantage of shopping for supplies with ease. The service is offered to registered businesses and their designated associates to make purchases on Amazon. Purchases can of course be made easily online, and Amazon customer service is more than willing to accept a phone order if you feel more comfortable placing orders over the telephone.

Once you open an account, the administrator has the ability of adding and managing users and other features like payment methods and shipping addresses plus approval workflows and reporting options. This means that businesses with requisitioned permissions can place orders. Contact Amazon if you need assistance with setting up purchasing permissions.

Who can sign up for the business account? has allowed businesses located and registered within the UK and have been assigned the tax identification number to be eligible to apply for a business account. The service is also available to customers in the US and US territories such as Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and American Samoa. Any other business with an APO or FPO address is eligible for the service too.

What are the differences between Amazon personal and business Accounts?

When you open a personal account on Amazon, it allows you to shop for items ranging from electronics, clothes, tools, eBooks and Amazon products. Once you have made the purchase, the products are shipped to the billing or shipping address provided by you. With a personal account, you cannot add other users but you can manage features like payment options and shipping address.

A business account on the other hand is approved for businesses and agents of the business who want to purchase suppliers for it. When you open an account, the administrator has the right to add new users, manage them, manage different features like payment methods, shipping address and reporting options. In order to open a business account, you need to have a registered business with a tax identification number.

Can a personal account be used to open a business account?

Amazon has made it possible for users to convert their personal accounts into business accounts. Once you do so, your account information which includes purchase history, addresses, payments methods and personal information will be transferred and be view-able by administrators who will be appointed by you to manage the account. The administrators can be yourself, your employees or agents appointed by you. Amazon contact is recommended if you need help with modifying your account.

Which account should I choose – single user or multi user business account?

You can select any of the above types of business accounts available on Amazon when signing up. Both accounts allow you to add different users, however, your business settings will display customized information depending on whether the account has one or multiple users.

If you are the only person authorized to shop for your business, you can create a single user business account. This is suitable for small business and sole proprietorship.

If you have authorized multiple users to shop on behalf of your business, you can create a multi-user account where the options for establishing workflow visibility, organization and management are available immediately. Amazon customer service can help you to add and remove users, as well as with providing specific purchasing authorizations.