Instructions for Cancelling Various Sky Services

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If you decide you no longer want to continue your Sky service, you are required to contact the company and request a cancellation of services. Changes to your account can be completed online; however, cancellation of specific services or complete cancel of your account needs to be done through the customer service department. The following information will help you to complete your cancellation easily and quickly.

Canceling the Sky TV service can be done through two different options:

* You can call the Sky contact number and speak with a representative to request cancellation of part or all of your services. You may be charged for calls made to the UK customer service department.

* You can connect with the Sky Live Chat function on their website and request your cancellation. The live chat is available seven days a week from 8:30 am through 8:00 pm.

If you have decided to transfer to Virgin Media cable and want to continue using your same phone number, you will be required to contact Sky customer service department. The Sky customer service agent will have to cancel both your broadband and phone services. If you are exercising your right to leave which you have been notified about, you will need to contact the company and advise them of your cancellation. If you do not notify the customer service department of your cancellation, you may charged early termination fees. You can contact the department after you’ve established a new service or before.

The above listed circumstances state when it is necessary for you to contact the Sky customer service department to request a cancellation of services. Contacting them will ensure they have the proper information on your account and the permission needed to process the cancellation. Contact with the customer service department also ensures you will not lose any services or have difficulty if you are changing service providers. This contact will avoid any misunderstandings regarding discounts or paying termination fees if you are canceling prior to the end of a contract.

Cancelling services while still under contract may require you to pay a termination fee. Most Sky services are granted upon your agreement to stay with the service for a specific amount of time. Most contracts are setup with with an 18-month or 12-month service agreement. These terms and conditions are presented with a special offer that you must agree to before receiving service. Under the terms and conditions it states that if you choose to cancel service during the contract period, you will be charged a fee. Sky customer service will contact you regarding this fee and advise you of the amount owed.