Indeed: 0870 218 1472

The Indeed contact number may be used as one method of reaching out to Indeed customer service. The support staff is able to assist both job seekers who wish to apply for employment and employers are seeking employees, both of which can be done using the employment website. The Indeed phone number listed here is for the London head offices which can be reached during regular business hours. All general support requests are dealt with via email.

Indeed Contact Number
0870 218 1472 is a job directory website. People can narrow down the website’s multitudes of job listings based on their location, desired job title, or a wide range of different keywords related to potential jobs. Users need to create their own accounts with, and that will allow them to fully utilize the website. Naturally, employers can also use the website in order to market available job listings. For more information on posting employment advertisements on the site, dial the Indeed telephone number.

Indeed: 0870 280 7014

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 7014
Make A Complaint020 7014 1060
International Number+44 207 014 1060

Customer Service

There are a number of queries that Indeed customer services can help you with. If you need help posting a job or a CV, then Indeed customer services can take you through this process so you can see where you have been going wrong. They can also give you more details about the advantages of posting your job or your CV on Indeed. If you are struggling with your job search then customer services can give you some advice about how you can make your CV look more attractive to potential employers.

Email is an option that can be used to contact Indeed. To send an email, use the form that is provided on the company website. To send mail via standard post, the address is as follows:

Indeed Ireland Operations Limited
124 St. Stephen’s Green
Dublin 2, Ireland
CRO (Companies Registration Office): 508192

The online help centre can be used to answer many of the more common questions, but for more complex questions or requests, call the Indeed phone number and speak with an agent.

Products & Services

Indeed is a website where employers can post job vacancies that can be viewed by people looking for work. It also lets people who are looking for work post their CV’s online so that they can be seen by employers who may be hiring. The majority of people start their job searches online and so it is useful for employers and employees to have a reliable website where they can look for their next employee or their next job. Indeed is one of the most popular job websites that is operating today and is completely free to use for those who are looking for a job. There is also the option to have jobs that may be of interest to you sent via email.

Posting a CV

If you post your CV on Indeed then there is a chance that this will be seen by potential employers. If employers have a vacancy with a specific set of skills that are needed then they may search through CVs that will show that people have these skills. This is why it is so important to list all your skills using language that employees will be looking for. If you need help with this, then this is something that Indeed customer services may be able to help you with. Call the Indeed telephone number for assistance with posting a resume on the site.

Posting Jobs

If employers do not want to search through CVs, then they can post a job vacancy that people are able to apply for. This can be useful if they want candidates to fill in an application form rather than simply submitting a CV. If you contact Indeed customer services they may be able to advise whether you should list your job or search through CVs depending on your specific circumstances. They will also be able to let you know how much you will have to pay depending on the type of service that you choose. Indeed contact is recommended for employers who need assistance with listing their job openings.

Problems & Complaints

If you have a problem when using the Indeed website then you should call customer services who may be able to resolve your issue. If you do encounter a problem then this should be easily solved with the help of customer services as it may be something that they have encountered before. If you want to complain about the service you have received from Indeed then this is something that should be done by calling the Indeed contact number. If your complaint cannot be resolved by the agent that you speak to then they can pass this along to a manager.