Income Support: 0870 280 0479

Call the Income Support contact number to get in touch with an Income Support reprsentative to enquire about your Income Support entitlement or to discuss your existing Income Support. The Income Support helpline is open to receive calls between the hours of 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday. The Income Support phone number gets busy after 11am so make sure you call before then.

Income Support Contact Number
0870 280 0479

Income Support is a benefit given to those with low financial resources. It is different than unemployment benefit in that if you are receiving unemployment funds or job seekers benefits, you are not eligible to receive this type of support. People who are eligible to claim this benefit are usually working and continue to work under 18 hours per week. Also, cash on hand and personal savings may factor into eligibility. Assets from savings, paid child support, personal property and retirement funds are all counted as resources. To learn more about this benefit, call the Income Support number seen here.

How Much Can A Person Receive?

The payments are portioned out in personal allowances and premiums. If approved, you will receive no less than £57.90 per week, depending on your dependent status. It is important to list all of your dependents, as it will make a difference in the amount that you receive. For example, a single parent with three children would receive more support than a single parent with one child. Ringing the Income Support contact number is the best way to determine exactly how much money you may be eligible to receive.

Determining Factors for Eligibility

In order to be considered to receive Income Support, you must live in the United Kingdom: England, Scotland or Wales. Northern Ireland applicants have different criteria and are encourage to dial the Income Support phone number listed here to find out what these are. The following are the basic qualifications:

  • You are between ages 16 and pension age
  • You have a disabling injury or illness that prevents you from working
  • You are engaged as a full-time unpaid caregiver for someone
  • You are single and have a child under age 5
  • You are not working or making very little income and your partner works less than 24 hour per week
  • You earn a very low wage or you become ill or injured and your doctor says you are unable to work
  • You are homeless and in need (applicants do not have to have a fixed address to be approved)
  • If you are orphaned or in school full-time and under age 19
  • You are a refugee learning English so that you can participate in the working economy

Applying for Income Support

Applications can be request over the phone when you contact Income Support. Welsh speaking applicants can also call the Income Support telephone number or apply by way of post or in person at any local JobCentre Plus office. Be sure to ask for a translator or someone to read the forms to you if you have poor comprehension of English. Income Support contact is not only for English speakers and accommodations will be made to ensure that you understand the process of applying and being approved, as well as your responsibilities if you are approved.

Once you are approved for Income Support, you must contact them if you move residences, if you go back to work, if your work hours increase, or if your household members change. Check your mail frequently and pay close attention to any correspondence you receive regarding your benefits. Ignoring a request for information, document proof or request for medical updates may cause you to lose benefits. Ring the contact number for Income Support if you receive a request for information that you do not fully understand.

If an appointment is made for you to attend an in person or phone interview, job training or medical evaluation, you must keep that appointment. If for some reason you cannot keep the scheduled appointment, you must call Income Support before the appointment to tell them why you cannot attend for it to be rescheduled. Income Support enquiries are accepted from 8am until 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Income Support Case Appeals

If you are denied income support and still feel you are eligible, you can appeal by calling the Income Support helpline or at your local office. You must file for reconsideration before contacting the tribunal for an appeal. Check to be sure that they have all of your relevant information to support your claim before reconsideration. If this request for reconsideration fails; you can still appeal at the tribunal level, Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber). Please see your denial letter for the address to contact for the appeal in case it changes as of this writing.

You can get assistance from a friend, family member or advice from an advocacy group or solicitor. Keep in mind that filing at the administrative level may incur accountancy fees. If you do not understand the documents at any stage of the process, be sure to ask for a translator or someone to explain the forms to you. If you cannot read or write, or have poor comprehension skills, be sure to ask for help either in person or over the phone when calling the phone number for Income Support. This will help to ensure that you understand the reasons for denial and what evidence you need to support your claim.