Iceland: 0870 218 5359

Customers should call the Iceland contact number if they want any information about the goods that it sells, the cost of such goods and where stores are located. Reach out to Iceland customer service if you need help with anything that has been purchased, such as being paid refunds, reporting faulty items, making complaints, or maybe passing on compliments. To speak with an agent, call the Iceland phone number between 8am-9pm Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm on Saturday and 8am-6pm Sunday.

Iceland Contact Number
0870 218 5359

Iceland is a company that sells food especially chilled and frozen products. The company has sold frozen products for over 50 years across the UK, and customers can have shops over a certain amount delivered to their home addresses. Although new customers can find out more details about the company on its website, dialing the Iceland telephone number is a suitable method for having specific questions answered.

Iceland: 0870 280 5698

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 5698
Make A Complaint0800 328 0800
International Number+44 800 328 0800