HSE: 0870 218 5064

Customers may ring the HSE contact number for information on consultations for health and safety, writing a health and safety policy for your business, controlling risks in your business, providing training and information, maintain proper workplace facilities, handling first aid, accidents and ill health. Customers may also contact HSE customer service for continuing consultations on maintaining HSE standards in health and safety, and reporting incidences. The opening hours for calling the HSE phone number are Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5 pm.

HSE Contact Number
0870 218 5064

The HSE, or Health and Safety Executive, is an agency that oversees health and safety in the workplace. The HSE regulates and enforces health and safety by laying the guidelines that prevent work-related injuries, as well as reducing the social and economic impact of failures in health and safety. The regulations are enforced through inspection of job sites and work areas, investigation into workplace accidents, injuries or complaints, responding to complaints from outside the agency, enforcing decisions with written notices, license withdraws, financial penalties and through prosecution of those found to be neglectful in an accident resulting in injury or death.

HSE: 0870 280 6615

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0870 280 6615
Report An Incident0345 300 9923
Duty Officer0151 922 9235
Central Press Office0151 951 5897
Contact A Named Individual0300 003 1747
Make A Complaint0345 300 9923
International Number+44 345 300 9923

Customer Services

Someone may need to call the HSE contact number if they are the owner of a business and they want to make sure that they are compliant with all of the necessary health and safety laws. They may also want to find out more information about the services that the HSE offer. An employee of a company may need advice about what they should do next if they are concerned about any aspect of health and safety in the workplace. This may also apply to members of the public if they suspect that a public space or building may be unsafe.

To report an incident, use the online form or call HSE customer service Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8.30 am to 5 pm. In emergency situations, it is possible to speak with someone outside of regular business hours. HSE is on Twitter and may be contacted via social media for general information requests. For complaints, you can write to the Chief Executive of HSE:

Richard Judge
Health and Safety Executive
Redgrave Court
Merton Road
L20 7HS

HSE Services

There are many different services that HSE offers. They are responsible for shaping the regulations that apply to health and safety in the workplace and for reviewing these on a regular basis to make sure they are still relevant. They also carry out research into practices that can increase safety and collect statistics about incidents that have occurred. If laws are not being adhered to, then it is the role of HSE to enforce this and set the punishment for breaking these laws. For a full list of these services and how to access them, contact HSE customer services.

HSE Guidance

HSE offers guidance about safety in the workshop and this relates to a whole number of industries. The guidance that is offered will vary between industry because of the different hazards that exist in these industries. Guidance can be offered to the managers of companies and to employees about the things that they can do to keep themselves and others safe in the workplace. If there are any further questions after this guidance has been given, call the HSE phone number and customer services will be able to answer any queries that you may have.

Reporting Incidents & Concerns

The quickest way to report an incident or concern is to call the HSE telephone number. The customer services agent will take all of the details about the problem that is being reported and will inform the caller if they need any more information. The caller will also be told what steps they need to take next if necessary. All calls to the HSE are confidential and the caller may be reminded of this during the call to put their mind at rest, especially if they are an employee calling about the company that they work for.

Problems & Complaints

If any problems are experienced when dealing with HSE then people are encouraged to call customer services so that these problems can be discussed in more detail. The problem may be something that the customer service agent can deal with themselves and they will try and resolve this if they can. If a person still wished to make a complaint, then they will be informed of the formal complaints procedure and what action they need to take next. There may be no need to go through all the information again if it has already been given to HSE customer services.