How to Easily Order Sky Box Office Movies


Most people in the UK and Ireland may be familiar with the Sky channels. You may not be familiar with the opportunity to watch recent films and popular sporting events live on demand by using Sky Box Office. You can do this from the ease of your own home by ordering through your remote control. Follow the steps below to choose a film or event and order it. Included are some troubleshooting tips, but you can also call the Sky phone number for extra help.

In order to use your remote control to order a film or sporting event, you must first have a Sky box and a wireless broadband connection. If you do not have a Sky box, call their customer service to have one promptly installed. The Sky box must be properly connected to your broadband service in order for the remote control to activate your purchase. By using your remote control, you can either order and watch immediately, or order to watch an event later.

Follow these steps:

  1. Press the “Box Office” button on your remote.
  2. Select the “Box Office” tab on your screen.
  3. Select from the categories as shown.
  4. Select the movie or event you want to watch.

That’s all you have to do. When you make your selection, you will be asked to confirm your purchase. You may also be asked to provide your Sky pin number, so be sure you have this information at the time of your order. Sky customer service can help you if you have forgotten or misplaced your Sky PIN number.

You can also choose to make a selection from the Sky Store instead of ordering directly through your remote. The advantage of ordering through the Sky Store is that you can browse many titles and read information about each one before you make a final choice. You will still need to make sure that your Sky box is connected to your wireless. Once you know what you want to order, you can again use your remote to select it. To do this, navigate over to the Sky Store that is listed as one of your on screen options. Use your remote to browse each offering and make your final selection. Your selection will show a specific time that the film will begin, but if the listed time is inconvenient, it’s no problem – you can order it now and watch it later.

Most people will want to order their film from their remote, but if you are having any problems with either of these two options, you may want to call the Sky Box Office customer service number to order instead. Please be aware that when you order a film from the customer service line, call charges may be added to your price, and these may vary depending on your location and the customer service phone number you use. The contact numbers are different for customers ordering from the UK or customers ordering from Ireland. Check the Sky website for the correct phone number to use for your locality.