How to Deal with eBay Password Issues


Few things are as frustrating as forgetting a password or experiencing login issues. Fortunately, eBay users have the option to both call the eBay contact number and ask for help, or use the steps outlined below to attempt to solve the problem. Due to the fact that eBay account holders often do have payment methods entered into the system, or have their account linked to PayPal, the procedure for password retrieval is stricter that one might think. While this is done for your protection, solving the problem may take a few minutes.

The first thing to try if you have forgotten either your password or eBay username is to enter the email address that is linked to your account into the recovery tool. Doing this will generate an email that will be sent to you, which includes a link to follow to reset your password. If you do not see the email in your inbox after a few minutes, check your spam box to see if it was delivered there. If not, you can submit the request again. If this too fails, call the eBay contact number for customer service and ask for help.

At times, problems are caused by auto-fill programs that are part of your computer or browser. These tools can be excellent for saving lots of different passwords for lots of different websites, but they can cause problems if you make changes to your password and do not update the setting. If you use auto-fill settings, this may be something that you want to check if you are struggling to log into your eBay account. If you use the step above to change your password, be sure to update your auto-fill setting to save the new change.

If you use the PayPal Security Key as your eBay password, you will need to add the security key numbers to the end of your password when signing in. This is yet another common issue that could be causing you problems when you try to log in. Looking for a more simple explanation? Take a look at your keyboard and make sure that your caps lock is not turned on. This simple fix could be all that is required to help you avoid a phone call to the eBay customer service department.

If you have tried everything and still are not able to access your account, ring the eBay phone number to be connected with a live agent. When calling, be prepared to answer a few security questions so that the agent can make sure that verify that they are dealing with the actual account holder. If necessary, the agent can complete the password update for you, allowing you to once again gain access to your eBay account.