How to Avoid Unexpected Vodafone Text Message Charges


Vodafone customer agents are ready to provide you with the best solutions to text message problems or to help you to limit charges. Texts, also known as SMS messages, are a paid service that you subscribe to. You may choose to receive regular updates or text messages to your phone. If you do not have unlimited texts (and sometimes even if you do), there will be costs for receiving a certain number of messages or certain types of texts.

Vodafone customer service agents can help you understand your account billing plan. If you do not know who is sending you the texts, then you can perform a short code search. The short code search must have at least three to five digit numbers to allow you to find out the service providers name and other important contact details. You may unsubscribe from the SMS service if you wish. Often, simply replying ‘STOP’ will automatically remove you from a text recipient list.

Text alerts are a type of text subscription service that the company offers to clients. Vodafone offers a very wide range of text alerts that you might want to subscribe to. To get a complete list and to subscribe or unsubscribe then you must register with the ‘My Vodafone’ online and enter your correct contact details. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to text alerts within your ‘My Vodafone’ account online.

Vodafone contact is recommended if you need know about specific prices for text message services. Some SMS or text services are billed at a much higher rate than standard SMS or text messages. Fees are added to your monthly bill or they may be deducted from your prepaid credit. At times, the charges come directly third party companies, and are not actually billed by Vodafone. Premium fee rates are decided by the provider and it is possible that Vodafone has no control over certain charges.

Vodafone contact will put you in touch with specialists who can pair you with the service plan that you want and the price you are willing to pay. Text messaging is now included as standard with most smartphone plans, and are billed along with your minimum monthly plan charge. Your plan and price details of each charge can simply be found on your bill. Your first bill from Vodafone may include additional charges. Call the Vodafone contact number if you need an explanation of charges.

You may be able to avoid extra fees by contacting Vodafone in advance of using your service. Customer service agents can help you understand more about text message pricing plans and special circumstances where extra charges may apply. To check your account balance, complete an update for your details, or view previous bills, login to your ‘My Vodafone’ account online, or you can request a text message with your phone account balance by sending a blank text to code 1512. This service is available 24-hours a day and seven days a week.